Best Hunting Backpack That Will Turn Out To Be Your Best Friend

Every good hunter needs a reliable backpack. In fact, the Best Hunting Backpacks are like hunters best friend, as they accompany them everywhere, be it the tall mountains or the distant plains. The success of a hunt is indirectly dependent on the backpack the hunter carries.

The choices for hunting backpacks differs from person to person. However, most of the hunters prefer their backpacks to carry all kinds of necessary equipment. The other important attribute for a hunting backpack should be its ability to haul huge loads after a successful kill.

There are a variety of options available for hunting backpack, but then there are few that are made to be the hunter’s special.

How To Choose The Best Hunting Backpack?

How To Choose The Best Hunting Backpack
How To Choose The Best Hunting Backpack?

Choosing the Best Hunting Backpack can be quite overwhelming at times. There are loads of options present online and it can be quite disorienting to select the one backpack that would be perfect for you.

So, if you are confused as to how to choose the Best Hunting Backpack, then make sure that your backpack has all the qualities mentioned below:


It is crucial that your backpack has enough space so that it can carry all kinds of necessary equipment required for the hunt. Now the size of the backpack depends on the type of hunt you generally engage in. Generally, the backpacks of smaller size serve well for day hunting trips and they provide better mobility to the users. Large backpacks are better suited for long hunts that can extend to several days.


Every good backpack fits perfectly with the hunter’s body. If the backpack doesn’t fit well then it can cause discomfort and fatigue to the hunter. So look for backpacks that are adjustable, and have chest and shoulder straps for additional adjustments. A perfectly fit backpack prove useful when navigating through rugged terrains.


A hunting backpack can never be great unless it has strong, durable zippers. Most of the times people overlook this important attribute, which tends to trouble them later during the hunt. Further, make sure that the zippers function silently, so that it doesn’t alert the prey nearby.

Quality build

With the advance in technology, we now have materials like Dyneema Strength Panels. They are known to 15 times stronger than average steel and they can even float on the water. Not only that, it is next to impossible to tear or rip this stuff. Hence, make sure that the materials used for making backpacks are top of the line.


The Best Hunting Backpack have customized compartments to hold items like spotting scopes etc, They also come with numerous external and internal compartments that fit securely on the hunter’s body. Hence, make sure that your backpack has specialized features that add value to your hunting experience. There are few backpacks that are made with special fabrics that make them silent and discreet.

Why Are People Now Switching To Backpack Hunting?

Why Are People Now Switching To Backpack Hunting
Why Are People Now Switching To Backpack Hunting?

The problem with normal hunting is that it does not give you the overall satisfaction, which you could get by doing backpack hunting. It has been a recent trend that now people are switching to backpack hunting, and the reasons are all well justified.


When you choose to go for a backpack hunting, everything that you require is loaded on your back, and let’s not forget the reward of hundreds of pounds of meat that you bring back from the hunt.

You get a sense of adventure when you are out there in the wilderness. There is no backup and you are entirely up to the mercy of Mother Nature. This idea of adventure is enough to cause an adrenaline rush in the hunters.

When the backpack is your sole backup and Mother Nature is all around you, then you get a sense of adventure that cannot be felt in normal hunting.

Spending Time In The Wilderness

Spending Time In The Wilderness
Spending Time In The Wilderness

One of the biggest advantages of backpack hunting is that it gives you the flexibility to stay where the animals live. Now, this is particularly helpful as it removes the humongous task of hiking to resume the hunt.

Imagining waking out of your camp and walking just a few yards to resume your hunt. This type of flexibility is provided by backpack hunting, as it lets you set up your camp in the wilderness without letting you come back from the hunt.

Further, spending time in the wilderness has a calming effect on the mind and body. You become more aware of your surroundings and your body resets its normal cycles, thus making you stronger, both mentally and physically.

Mental reward

After returning from a long and tedious backpack hunting, you get a feeling of accomplishment. You feel like you are re-energized and revitalized. On top of that, you have several pounds of raw meat to celebrate the job well done.

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Great Hunting Backpack?

A great hunting backpack makes a hunter great. Owning the Best Hunting Backpack is a serious game changer. It supports the hunter when they are chasing the hunt and in turn, can decide on the fate of the hunt.

A great hunting backpack has enough volume to carry all kinds of essential gears and would not impact the movement of the hunter. They provide rapid access to crucial equipment that can make a world of difference.

Imagine, you managed to hunt down a deer that you have been spotting for a while. Now you find out that your backpack does not have enough space to carry back the meat. The Best Hunting Backpack ensures that you have necessary volume to haul huge loads.

Various Items That Are Vital To Be Kept In Your Hunting Backpack For A Comfortable Hunt?

The various items that should be kept in a model hunting backpack to ensure a comfortable hunt include: Bow/Rifle, release, packs, tags, bivy/tent, Water Filter/Tablets, sleeping pad/bag, stove, utensils, dishes, snacks, food, water bladders, rain gear, clothes, boots, maps/compass/GPS, Hunting Walkie Talkies, hunting calls, knife, camera, satellite phone/cell phones/locators, flashlight/headlight, tracking ribbon, paracord, Allen wrenches, zip lock bags, meat bags, scent killers spray, decoy, watch, zip ties and toilet paper.

The items mentioned above are perfect for a long haul hunt, as it lets the hunter have the flexibility to track its hunt for days without slowing them down. If the hunter has all these items, their odds of successful hunts increases exponentially.

This is why it is important to have a hunting backpack that is sturdy, can carry big loads and fits perfectly with the hunter’s body.

To help you choose the best from the lot, we’ve done extensive research to bring you this list of the Five Best Hunting Backpack in the market today:

Rank Hunting BackpackView Product
5ALPS OutdoorZ CommanderView Product
4Badlands 2200View Product
3Allen Company 19099 PagosaView Product
2ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Day PackView Product
1ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting PackView Product

1. ALPS OutdoorZ Commander

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander
ALPS OutdoorZ Commander

This is a well-rounded backpack that comes built in a frame with the added ability to attach the pack. It offers a lot of space for all kinds of gears and is best suited for long hunts.

The compartments provided in the backpack are easy to access, well organized and spacious. It is a sturdy backpack that is reinforced at all the crucial places. The waist belt and shoulder strap provided in the backpack are padded, which ensures that the user is comfortable carrying it, even when it is jam-packed. It is a serious contender to be the Best Hunting Backpack ever.


As this backpack is built in a form of a frame with the added ability to attach and detaching the pack, it makes it one of my favorite backpacks. One can easily detach the pack to make the frame more efficient in carrying meat with less mess. The added utility that comes with this backpack makes the overall experience pretty amazing.


The backpack can easily carry enough gears and supplies that it can easily support long hunts. It has an overall size of 5250 cubic inches. Although the backpack is top loading, the lower compartments can be accessed easily without any hassle. The backpack even has a rice holder and plenty of side pockets that let you carry loads of accessories, such as hydration port and packet.

Value For Money:

The backpack is fairly priced and provides a great balance between affordability and quality. Compared to other backpacks that offer similar features, it is priced at an average range.


  • The bag is completely versatile and comes with the useful frame with pack design.
  • Heavily padded, which makes it easy to carry.
  • Lets you grab your rifle quickly with its quick release feature.
  • Has large volumes that make it perfect for long hunts
  • Has a lashing system that lets its user pack out meat using its frame
  • The reinforced patches make it durable and sturdy


  • The bag is water resistant, however, not waterproof
  • The external rings attached to the frame of the backpack can become noisy

2. Badlands 2200

Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Backpack - Meat Hauler - Rifle, Bow, and Pistol Compatible and Hydration Compatible
Badlands 2200

If you are looking for a backpack that would serve perfectly as a daypack or maybe an overnight trip, then this backpack would serve you well. It has a total size of 2750 cubic inches that lets you easily carry all kinds of gears. It has pockets that let you carry bows, spotting scopes, rifles, tripods, and hydration.

Since the frame of the backpack is completely built using aluminum, it lowers the overall weight of the backpack. The blaze orange meat shelf with the help of aluminum frame helps transfer the load onto the back of the user’s hips. This is a stealthy backpack and comes with a full lifetime warranty.


The Badlands 2200 backpack is custom made using a specialized whisper-quiet KXO-32 fabric. With the use of special fabric, it helps the bag to blend into a wide variety of environments. The bag also comes with a scent suppression feature that masks the identity of the hunter.


As this pack comes with an amazing lifetime warranty, it removes all doubts regarding its strength and durability. The “extras” that come associated with the backpack, along with the added advantage of the lifetime warranty, make it worth every penny.


  • The backpack is extremely quiet. With its stealth technology, it makes the backpack fit for hunting, as it suppresses sound. This is particularly helpful in situations when you want to track your hunt discreetly.
  • The backpack serves perfect for individuals that are of large stature.
  • With its scent suppression technology, it masks the scent of the hunter, thus helping with the hunt. This feature helps in the situation when your scent can trigger the hunt to run away from the scene.
  • Since the backpack is of a medium size it is very comfortable to carry
  • Lifetime warranty that makes it pretty desirable


  • The backpack can fit a little awkwardly for people with a smaller stature
  • Does not have rain protection

3. Allen Company 19099 Pagosa

Allen Company 19099 Pagosa
Allen Company 19099 Pagosa

The Allen Company 19099 Pagosa serves perfect as a daypack. The size of the bag is 1800 cubic inches and comes with lots of pockets that lets its users be more organized and focused. The fabric that is used to make this backpack is sound suppression, which in turn makes the bag quiet. With its sound suppression fabric, one can easily approach their prey without getting detected.

The waist belts and straps are padded that help in distributing the entire load carries by the pack in an easy and comfortable manner. Apart from the padding, the straps are easily accessible and adjustable. The sternum strap provided with the back is for stability and the bag has an adjustable waist belt. With the help of side compression straps, one can easily strap the backpack very close to the body.


The backpack offers a huge number of pockets that can be easily accessed to keep the gear organized. On top of this, easy grip zipper and high visibility make the gear easily accessible.

Value for money

The backpack offers a huge value for money. Since it comes at an affordable price tag compared to other backpacks in its range, it offers good value for money for some of its features. The only problem that comes with this backpack is its durability, as it is not as durable as other backpacks present in its price range.

The backpack lets its users insert their water pouch, which can be easily accessed at any point in time. It also has two additional pockets to hold water bottles, if you feel that you need additional water supply during the hunt.


  • The bag is pretty lightweight compared to its competitors, this provides an added advantages to its users in terms of mobility.
  • It possesses good organizational design and comes with lots of pockets
  • Comes with pull up zipper and high visibility lining that helps its users to access gear even in low light conditions.
  • It comes at an affordable price tag.


  • The freshly purchased bag comes with a distinct odor that can take some time to wear off.
  • The small pockets present on the waist belt are not efficiently designed.
  • The quality of build construction is not that strong.

4. ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Day Pack

 ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Hunting Day Pack
ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Day Pack

The Dark Timber Day Pack by Alps OutdoorZ is one of the tops of the line backpacks. This backpack weighs around 2 pounds, thus making it pretty lightweight, this also increases the mobility of its users.

Offers Loads Of Space

The backpack offers 37 liters of usable packing space, which makes it pretty useful for a daypack use. As this bag offers a huge packing space, it comes with a padded waist belt and a built-in adjustable sternum strap to help carry the load comfortably.

The backpack doesn’t provide a lot of external storage options, and so its users have to rely solely on the internal pockets.

The backpack comes with large front accessory and the main pocket, a lower side mesh pockets, lower storage pocket, hydration ports and a bartacked webbing that is capable of creating multiple attachment points.

Value For Money

This backpack offers a huge value for money and is well suited for hunters that are ready to hit gnarly terrains to rugged trekking. If you are looking to spend your day for a casual hunt then this backpack helps you pack additional layers of bulky items needed for the hunt.

With the price tag one gets to have this bag, it offers a huge utility. It is best suited for hunters that are looking for a short hunt and wish to cover a lot of ground. This backpack fits closely to the body and is extremely lightweight, thus, making it the perfect partner for day hunting.


  • It is a well-built backpack that offers a nice value for money
  • Padded waist belt and sternum strap helps the user in carrying the loads easily
  • It is Hydration pack compatible
  • Offers large capacity and is pretty lightweight, hence, the users feel no pressure carrying the bag.
  • It comes in different camo options


  • The back seriously lacks in external storage options. This is why the users have to rely on internal storage options for accessing their gear, this, in turn, could prove detrimental to a successful hunt.

5. ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack
ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack

The pursuit hunting pack by ALPS OutdoorZ proves to be pretty versatile when it comes to hunting. This affordable mid-sized backpack offers tons of storage space, as it has a packing space of 44 liters. Apart from the decent storage, it also offers tons of external storage options.


A wide array of external pouches along with strapping is perfect for stowing quivers and other big gears. The side mesh provided in the backpack are tight and secure along with being nice and spacious.

One can even make a little pocket space to rest their binoculars when duck blind or posted on a tree by folding the main pocket compartment. Despite being a simple feature, it turns out to be pretty useful when you are trying to eat your sandwich or your hands are tied during the hunt.


The backpack supports you when during the hunt, and not only acts as a medium to carry your gears – thus making it a truly versatile backpack. The drop-down pocket present in the bag is used to secure the butt of the user’s shotgun or rifle or to safely pack your bow comfortably and safely.

This bag works wonders when hunting deer, but then again it works equally well with all other sports too. The Blaze orange rain cover provided with the bag helps the hunter stay safe and keeps their equipment dry during rainy or inclement weather conditions. It can accommodate a bow, a rifle, and a handgun.


  • A beautiful and versatile backpack that is well suited for wide range of hunting and comes with tons of storage.
  • The organizational shelf pocket provided in the backpack serves well and looks pretty cool
  • The backpack comes with a center aluminum stay that adds on to the stability. This is pretty helpful when hiking or climbing a rugged terrain, the extra stability keeps the body oriented.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty, which provides the much-needed metal peace that the product is strong and durable.


  • The backpack comes in limited camo print options.


The clear winner according to me that qualifies for the Best Hunting Backpack, out of all the mentioned below, is the ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack (BUY IT HERE). When compared to all other backpacks, it offers the optimum storage space without compromising stability and durability.

It comes with good internal as well as external storage options. The size of the backpack is perfect for a good hunt, as it lets you store all the necessary gears easily.

The backpack fits closely and comfortably with the user’s body, and aids in rapid movement. This is particularly helpful in conditions where prey is agile. The zipper quality is amazing and does not wear out easily. The zipper is sturdy and doesn’t wear out easily.

RankHunting BackpackView Product
5ALPS OutdoorZ CommanderView Product
4Badlands 2200View Product
3Allen Company 19099 PagosaView Product
2ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Day PackView Product
1ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting PackView Product

The build quality of the backpack is fantastic and the fabric used to make it is sturdy. The bag also provides tons of features that come pretty handy when on a hunt. If we consider all of the features this bag offers, it clearly comes out as a hunter’s best friend.

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