Best Hunting Boots: Things to Consider When Buying

For you to be highly productive at what you do out in the fields and bushes, you need Best Hunting Boots to provide you with the desired physical protection, comfort and peace of mind. whether you look forward to walking a mountainous terrain, trek through some thick bushes, marshland, snake prone areas, swampy areas, or long rough terrains, a hunting boot comes in handy.

Game hunting calls for movement in different terrains, and you need tough shoes yet very light to enable you to focus on your hunt. The boots will always remain on your feet while you are on the game, and therefore, you must carefully and wisely choose the most suitable boots for the daily hunt.

Hunting boots are not just meant for hunters; they are suitable for anyone who loves venturing outdoors. There are different kinds of boots on the market, and all you need to do is to choose the most suitable boot for your specific occasions. Good boots will have feet dried, protect you from rain floods, prevent snake bites, should be comfortable and free from burns. This is your professional Best Hunting Boots:

Things to Consider Before Buying hunting boots

Things to Consider Before Buying hunting boots
Things to Consider Before Buying hunting boots

There are thousands of types of branded boots on the market. While shopping around for boots may be fun and exciting, the fact that there are several brands to choose from may be a little daunting and you may end up spending boots you do not need. Before settling on a specific boot, you need to consider the following factors;


There are different types of materials used for making hunting boots. Every kind of material presents different needs; hence it is important to understand them;

Leather: Traditionally, Best Hunting Boots 2018 are known to be made of leather. Even though leather hunting boots are unbreathable, they are tough and provides protection to your feet and from moisture.

Gore-Tex: Gore-tex is completely waterproof and provides a lot of ventilation. It is suitable for fall and winter hunting because of high insulation property.

Rubber: Rubber boots are suitable for hunting in the marshes and swamps. They are however not comfortable and does not offer breathability. Rubber boots are often thick, heavy and not flexible. They are however always dry and do not hold scent. Rubber boots are ideal if you look forward to hunting swampy, foggy, or marshy areas.

Neoprene: This material resembles rubber a lot, it is totally waterproof but unbreathable. However, most people like it because it is warm and lighter than rubber. You can use the boots for several hours and not complain of sore feet, worn out legs, etc. is just comfort.

Can read more about materials for shoes from the Forbes article, “The secret materials Science of Football kits” from here



The first thing you want to consider when shopping around for your gaming shoes weight. Hunting and venturing outdoors often entails climbing, running and chasing. Heavy boots will definitely slow you down. You want to choose lightweight boots to allow you to hunt for the entire day, keep your feet from fatigue and pain.

Tough and Heavy-Duty

Besides being light, you want your boots tough and able to handle tough conditions. Heavy-duty boots will allow you to hunt for longer hours.



Your hunting boots must not only be light in weight and tough, but they must also be genuinely water-resistant. Water-resistant boots will keep your feet safe, warm and dry however much the terrain w wet, muddy and sloppy.

Safe and Comfortable Best Hunting Boots

Hunting is an outdoor and quite challenging activity. This means that the boots you wear during hunting must guarantee you safety, comfort and security when venturing outdoors. If you are more concerned about security, you want to look for boots with an ankle-fit structure to prevent your feet from sliding back and forth while walking or running. The boots must also come with fitted insoles and strong midsole.

Properly Insulated

Best Hunting Boots 2018 needs to get good insulation in regards to your intended hunting environment. If your hunting grounds are sub-zero temperature and chilling, then you want to go for boots that make your legs warmer throughout the hunting session. If you hand a relatively warm environment, then you want your boots to make the feet comfortable, dry and free.


If your hunting expedition is aggressive, wild and extreme, then chances are that you are exposed to dangerous and wild animals’ zones. Your legs are exposed to snakes and poisonous insects. You, therefore, need snake-proof boots.

Remember your Socks

As much as you plan to invest in your hunting boots, you also need good socks. Socks will make all the difference by giving you more comfort while wearing your hunting books. If you have a dump or wet foot, your feet are likely to blister. Good socks will take away the sweat from your feet to the boots, making your feet dry. Good socks will also act as absorbent when you move around in the tough terrains. The socks will do away with discomfort and rub after you walk or trek over long distances. Cotton socks may not be the best option for your socks because they absorb the moisture leading to blisters on your legs. Good socks will give you good experience with your Best Hunting Boots.

Boots Functionality

There are different categories of hunting boots. Each category of the hunting boots features different characteristics and services specific functions in the hunting ground;

Upland boots: These are the conventional hiking boots. The upland boots are designed and manufactured for long distances, or even and more gentle terrains. The bird hunters love these bots.

High Country Boots:

The high country boots are made for more serious hunting. They are tough and very high quality. The big game hunters use the boots to trek over steeper, rugged, and higher terrains. For mule, deer, sheep, or elk hunting.

Rubber Boots: These are basically water-proof boots, suitable for hunting in cross streams, swampy areas, or dump hunting areas.

Over Boots:

The over-boots need to adopt for more comfort and warmth. They are suitable for sedentary hunting.

Best Hunting Boots Recommendations

RankHunting BootsView Product
1Lacrosse Hunting BootsView Product
2Muck Boot Men’s Woody Max Hunting ShoesView Product
3Lacrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ Hunting BootView Product
4Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather BootView Product
5Kenetrek Men’s Mountain Extreme Ni Hunting BootView Product

1. Lacrosse Hunting Boots

The 4x Alpha 16inch 3.5mm Lacrosse Best Hunting Boots are made of neoprene material. The boot is manufactured using the Alpha technology through a mix of high-quality premium rubber bringing in the natural insulating property to the boots. The neoprene boots are extremely comfortable and very durable. The natural rubber is hand-laid over 7mm neoprene insulation, making it 100% water resistant. The shoes come with fitted strap and back gusset to allow for adjusting the fit shin guard, making the boot more secure and durable. The ankle-fit I contoured design to protect the heel from slipping. It features a Quad Core technology which has 4 layers of cushioning under the foot to make you comfortable in the boots all day long. The outsole has a superior traction to comfortably trek loose, snow, and mud terrains.

 Lacrosse Hunting Boots
Lacrosse Hunting Boots Via


  • The boots are very warm
  • The boots are long-lasting, highly durable
  • Have a cool design, making them fashionable
  • Meant for heavy-duty hunting, like deer hunting
  • Highly comfortable for climbing, and walking
  • They are easy to put on and off


  • They do not keep the feet warm as alleged.

2. Muck Boot Men’s Woody Max Hunting Shoes

The Muck Boots were created in collaboration between Norissa Harman and Jen O-Hara from the famous Girls with Guns. These boots were originally designed with the girls and women in mind. these shoes were made for active hunter females. They come with a 5mm neoprene bootie which easily flexes with the wearer’s movements. The boot is combined with rubber to make it more flexible and waterproof. They also come with a slip-resistant outsole to keep you safe while walking the icy and wet terrains. These boots also feel very comfortable for the women. They are essential, especially during the winter and fall weather.

Muck Boot Men’s Woody Max Hunting Shoes
Muck Boot Men’s Woody Max Hunting Shoes – Image Via Amazon


  • Durable, be assured to use for several months
  • They are very comfortable and fit to size
  • The boots are tall and will comfortably reach the bottom section of your feet
  • They are 100%genuinely waterproof
  • They easily slip on/off, put on with ease and remove easily
  • Can be used by both men and women


  • The shoes are durable, but the upper sections made of neoprene get ripped off faster than anticipated. However, the Best Hunting Boots can be used effectively for hunting easy prey, in an easy environment.

3. Lacrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ Hunting Boot

The Lacrosse Men’s Alphaburly hunting boots is a premium hunting boot. It is made from a high-quality rubber material. The boot mixes high-quality and scent-free rubber with the natural neoprene insulation. The boot material literally fears no train and weather. The shoes survive different weather conditions ranging from harsh terrains, cold weather, and highly grueling terrains. The midsole features a thick cushioning EVA to make your feet more features an embossed lining to provide for better air circulation. It also has an adjustable bottom gusset to ensure a perfect fit.

Lacrosse Men's Alphaburly Pro 18
Lacrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ Hunting Boot – Image Via Amazon


  • This Lacrosse is highly comfortable with a perfect traction
  • These shoes are heavy duty, yet light in weight
  • They are better than the cheap rubber Best Hunting Boots
  • Fit perfectly well in regards to size
  • They are wider around the toes and snugger about the ankle, which makes it comfortable wearing for long hours. They won’t squeeze the toes, just comfortable


  • Some users claim that these shoes fit bigger. That is, they feel a little loose. It is recommendable to it with some thick insoles to make them fit properly for those that it does not perfectly fit.

4. Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot

If you are interested in a truly heavy-duty kind of boots, then I recommend the Columbia Men’s Bugaboo. These boots are not just tough, they are stylish. They are made to withstand extremely cold weather conditions. They have properly insulated interiors that can withstand the most adverse drops in temperatures. The Best Hunting Boots are made from a mixture of textile and leather. These boots are tough and guarantee not to disappoint during long-hours hunting and hiking.

Columbia Men's Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot
Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot – Image Via Amazon


  • The boots are highly durable since they are made from long-lasting material
  • They have a thick rubber sole
  • They are perfect to use in cold weather since they provide good insulation
  • Comfortable


  • These boots are not fully waterproof
  • They are durable but not as much as it is alleged to be

5. Kenetrek Men’s Mountain Extreme Ni Hunting Boot

The Kenetrek hunting boots are made for the hunters after their game, especially in the high country regions. These shoes were made to survive the most extreme weather conditions and harshest of them all. The boots guarantee the users to remain sturdy and to properly grip the ground. Even though the shoes are very tough, they will keep your feet free from blisters even in tough terrains. Even when under strain and exercises, the shoes will keep your feet comfortable. Kenetrek lasts longer despite their heavy use.

Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Non-Insulated Hiking Boot
Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Non-Insulated Hiking Boot – Image Via Amazon


  • The user section of the Kenetrek boots is made from sturdy leather build making them very durable and highly supportive of the hunter’s ankle.
  • The boots tread permit the wearer to have reliable traction control even on deep terrains
  • It features a very thick sole that provides good support on the wearer’s midsole


  • The Kenetrek are made to provide you with only basic insulation of the feet. They are not made to withstand continuous use, especially in cold weather. Even when you use warmer socks for insulation, they may not perform best in cold.


The Best Hunting Boots may seem easy and fun to choose, but without an expert help, it may be a little confusing. Always remember that the best boot must fit perfectly well, it has to be warm, waterproof, easy to fit and remove, does not cause blisters on your feet, is comfortable, made from durable materials, and fit the intended purpose or terrain. A good boot must also withstand the harsh hunting conditions.

It is recommendable to buy the favorite boots from experts to get technical help and to choose the most appropriate boots. Buying from recommendable vendors guarantee you high-quality boots, genuinely branded boots, you get the boots at the best rates in the market, and most importantly, value back for money.

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