Best Hunting GPS: What You Probably Didn’t Know About A GPS

Hunting is one of the most adrenaline-rushing sports but exploring the outdoors can be risky. If you are new to the surrounding, the risk of losing your track while chasing a deer is very high. In order to overcome this unfortunate situation and enhance your hunting experience, the Best Hunting GPS can be very helpful.

With the current advancement in technology, you can easily install GPS apps on your Smartphone. Beware, however, as Smartphones’ battery might not have your back during the whole trip and can leave you stranded. So, to overcome this issue, a number of different handheld hunting GPS are available in the market.

Why Is Hunting GPS Necessary?

We know you are looking for some solid and authentic reasons to invest your money in Best Hunting GPS device. That’s why we will describe to you some key features of hunting GPS. Most of the GPS systems allow you to plan your route before time. Additionally, they can help you trace your route back home, thus giving you a complete map.

Why Is Hunting GPS Necessary
Why Is Hunting GPS Necessary?

GPS also lets you mark any interesting points for future references. These include things like power-stations rangers station, tree stands, potential hunting points and even water resources. The latest GPS devices have alarm systems. Such systems can alert your family or team in case of any danger or emergency. Such a system also has a feature where you can communicate with your team mates within a radius.

Features To Consider Before Buying A Hunting GPS

I believe at this point you’re already convinced that you should buy a hunting GPS. Now, here is a complete guide to help you select the Best Hunting GPS for your hunting trips.

Weight and size

If you are going for several-day hunts with a lot of Gear, cutting on weight may be your first preference. A smart and slim device with minimal weight is easy to carry. Such a device won’t hinder your mobility as compared to large screen units. However, it also depends on your choice. That’s whether you like a smart, sleek or a bigger one that is more noticeable and tangible.

Display screen

This is a very important feature when looking for Best Hunting GPS because you will be using your screen to operate GPS. A clear and eye friendly display is a necessary aspect to consider while buying GPS. The display should be visible under different temperatures, weather conditions, and light.

As a hunter, you will encounter darkness, high temperatures, rain, clouds, or cold weather. And under all these circumstances, your screen should be visible and clear to guide you through your route. It should also consider be possible for you to easily read GPS display in high glare conditions like in snow.

Input procedure

You can find touch screen or button operating GPS in the market and both types have some pros and cons. Touch screen GPS is usually fast and easy to operate. But on the other side, their battery time is shorter. Also, in cold temperature or with think gloves, they are not responsive and difficult to operate.

A GPS device with buttons may look old school. However, it is much more responsive in different conditions and temperature ranges. Its battery time tends to be longer as compared to the touch screen. If speed is not an issue and you want a hard core set, then go for the buttoned device.

Battery life

If you are going for more than a one day hunting trip, your GPS battery time should be long enough. This is so that it can help you find your way back home or at least to a point where you can recharge it. Some devices contain lithium ion batteries that are rechargeable with a battery life of approximately 22 hours. This makes such an option more economical.

There are certain devices that operate on disposable AAA batteries. As these batteries are replaceable, don’t forget to keep some spares in your luggage. You will also find other options available depending on your hunting destination, like solar charging for your unit.


Reception of signals by your GPS is crucial in keeping you on track. It enables you to work smoothly under different situations like in the deep dark forest and in remote deserts or in the huge mountains. So, always make sure that your GPS unit has an external antenna which can keep the readings of your device accurate under trees or in caves.

Most GPS devices have a built-in feature of WAAS (Wide-Area Augmentation-System) that can improve your GPS functioning. WAAS is linked with satellites system that can tell accurate position within 3 meters. This enhances the accuracy of GPS up to five times.

Geographical specifics

Ensure sure that your device offers outstanding topographical details and maps that are easy to understand. Specially look out for those maps that stand out in the ground during your trip. Devices came with maps but some units have a colored display and some don’t. Therefore, it is totally up to your choice.


Almost all the Best Hunting GPS devices have a compass, either differential or electronic. The electronic compass is an essential feature of a powerful GPS device. It can check your location without demanding you to move. On the other hand, the differential compass can tell your direction only if you move.

The electronic compass is more beneficial for mountaineers hiking on high altitude as compared to hunters. But still, it is important to check your direction in a stationary position like while in a tree stand or preparing for a shot.

Storage capacity

Usually, GPS devices offer very small internal storage data. Therefore, it would be a plus if you GPS has an SD card or at the least has micro SD card slot. This way, you can add or update data like maps and other topographical details.

Having additional data is specifically helpful if you are going on long hunter trips with multiple points of interest and destinations.

Additional Features

The market is flooded with different models of GPS, with each claiming to be the Best Hunting GPS. Also, each new model seems to surpass the previous one, coming with different features and advanced technology. Certain features like water and shock-proofing made newer models more durable as compared to the older version. You can easily update or add maps and aerial views by attaching your device to your computer.

Certain other features like waypoint management, sunset and sunrise alarms, geocache options and route planning are pleasant adds-on. Points of interest as well as alarm clock and proximity alarms are also other resourceful features. You can also send distress signals via satellites using your GPS device. Some devices offer search and rescue responders after registering your information.

Other devices also have two-way messaging system that lets you communicate with your loved ones and tell them your whereabouts. Expensive devices also have built-in camera that can let you capture the beauty of nature while fulfilling your hobby.

The above-mentioned are the essential features the Best Hunting GPS should have. Now, let’s discuss some high rating GPS devices in order to help you select your weapon of choice.

5 Best Hunting GPS

RankHunting GPSView Product
1Garmin-GPSMAP 64st, TOPO-U.S. 100K-with High-Sensitivity G.P.S and GLONASS-ReceiverView Product
2Garmin eTrex 30x 010-01508-10 Handheld NavigatorView Product
3Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking GPSView Product
4Garmin-010-01199-20 GPSMAP 64st-Worldwide Handheld G.P.SView Product
5Garmin Montana 680tView Product

1. Garmin-GPSMAP 64st, TOPO-U.S. 100K-with High-Sensitivity G.P.S and GLONASS-Receiver

This is a tough device with all the features that are sufficient for your hunting trip. Its GPS is highly sensitive and it comes with GLONASS receiver and quad helix antenna. This increases its receptivity and location detection accuracy, making it one of the Best Hunting GPS systems out there.

Garmin GPSMAP 64st, TOPO U.S. 100K with High-Sensitivity GPS and GLONASS Receiver
Garmin-GPSMAP 64st, TOPO-U.S. 100K-with High-Sensitivity G.P.S and GLONASS-Receiver – Image via Amazon

It gives accurate reception even in difficult situations. The 3-axis compass with barometric altimeter lets you trace your elevation at any level. It shows weather forecasts so that you can remain up to date and also offers a variety of maps.

It can easily detect your position with great precision in any condition or situation. Its 2.6 inches display is readable in all circumstances and it has battery life is 16 hours.


  • It has high receptivity
  • It tells the Accurate location of the position
  • Highly reliable and sturdy
  • Its Smart and sleek, easy-to-carry design makes it a very good choice


  • Downloading maps through a computer can be a difficult task
  • Menu options are a little bit confusing and difficult to understand

2. Garmin eTrex-30x 010-01508-10 Handheld-Navigator

This is a smart and lightweight device that can easily be held in hand. It is the perfect choice for sports like trekking, hiking, and hunting. It is water proof and shock resistant along with color display with high resolution making it perfect for alfresco.

Garmin eTrex 30x 010-01508-10 Handheld Navigator
Garmin eTrex-30x 010-01508-10 Handheld-Navigator – Image Via Amazon

It also has electronic compass and barometric altimeter. These let you check your direction and elevation from sea level without leveling the device stationary. It has weather forecast function and is also loaded with worldwide baseman.

The GPS system has a large internal memory of 3.7 GB along with micro SD card slot. Through these, you can save maps according to your journey. It is a wireless unit too. You can share useful information like routes and tracks with your team mates having compatible Garmin devices.


  • It is small and easy to carry
  • The High resolution display offers clear images
  • It is water and shock proof, making it ideal for expeditions
  • Its large internal storage is very helpful in loading maps
  • Electronic compass and barometric altimeter let you assess your position and elevation accurately
  • Is compatible with other Garmin device wirelessly
  • Has Long battery time


  • Its display screen is small.
  • Small screen causes the Poor user interface

3. Garmin-Foretrex 401-Waterproof Hiking G.P.S

The Garmin-Foretrex is very compact, wrist wearable and waterproof unit with a highly-sensitive receiver and Hotfix. These improve the performance and reception in deep woods. This unit has a digital breadcrumbs tracking system that will let you know the starting point without any difficulty.

Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking GPS
Garmin-Foretrex 401-Waterproof Hiking G.P.S – Image Via Amazon

It also has a track back feature that helps you to retract your path on clear LCD. You can also see your position in different ways via the dual position read out. Also, it saves the dates of your hunting trip. It has long battery span of 17 hours. Considered one of the Best Hunting GPS, the device lets you stay connected with Garmin devices all time.


  • The feature of dual position read out is very helpful
  • It has highly sensitive GPS
  • Comes with wrist extensions and is wrist wearable
  • Its track-back feature let you go back without any problem
  • Has good battery timing


  • Sometimes it turns off display automatically
  • It offers a short warranty

4. Garmin-010-01199-20 GPSMAP 64st-Worldwide Handheld G.P.S

This device looks like an old-school mobile phone but it is very useful. It is light weight, has an eye-friendly display, as well as a quad helix antenna. The antenna ensures high-quality signals. It uses GPS and GLONASS system, thus increasing its accuracy to tell location and direction.

This unit also offers a variety of maps of the world and it can guide you through the most difficult and obscured ways easily. The main negative point of this device is its disposable batteries; you need to have a sufficient supply of batteries for your voyage.


  • It is easy to use without any complications
  • Has very good reception
  • Use of GPS and the GLONASS system makes its detections more authentic and accurate
  • Enhanced map data let you roam freely without any worry.


  • Considering its functions, battery life is quite low.
  • Its manual is difficult to understand.

5. Garmin Montana-680t

This device is user-friendly, coming with 4 inch display that is easily readable. The GPS system offers dual orientation. It is preloaded with 250000 maps and features an 8 mp camera.

Garmin Montana 680t
Garmin Montana-680t – Image Via Amazon

It also includes an electronic compass and barometric altimeter which also measure the changes in the air. Even better, you can connect the device with Garmin devices for sharing information.


  • Features a user friendly interface
  • It has highly sensitive reception
  • This unit is very tough and resilient
  • Comes with an 8 MP digital camera
  • It has an excellent tracking feature
  • 3 axis compass with barometric altimeter is very helpful.


  • Maps are not of good resolution
  • Manual is not present in the packing.


Reviewing above GPS devices, it can be concluded that the Garmin-eTrex 30x 010-01508-10 Handheld-Navigator (Check on Amazon) is the Best Hunting GPS. It is lightweight and easily portable as well as water and shock proof. That makes it ideal for outdoor activities and sports. Its high resolution screen along with visibility in all condition let you operate the device very easily.

There are additional features like the electronic compass and barometric altimeter that let you measure your position more accurately.

The GPS system also has a high internal storage along with external memory slot enables you to load maps and topo details according to your requirements. You can also connect with other Garmin device which is a plus point if you are working in a team. Its long battery time also makes it ideal for a long voyage.

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