Best Place to Shoot a Deer for Professional and Also New Hunters

Many hunters’ dream is to shoot a deer without missing the first time. It is often believed that only the most professional among hunters are able to shoot and instantly kill or cause the right severe injury to a deer. Due to the low probability of succeeding many avoid deer hunting or are left unsatisfied with the experience. However, if you knew the best place to shoot a deer then everything would be easier and of course, you would have more fun.

Let’s take a look at the Best Place to Shoot a Deer:

1. The Shoulder – One of the Best Place to Shoot a Deer:

The Shoulder
The Shoulder – One of the Best Place to Shoot a Deer:

The best place to shoot a deer is definitely high in the shoulder. If you do this right then you will for sure kill the deer you aimed. You might like to use bows to go deer hunting but for this shot, a rifle would be a better choice. Read more: Maine Moose Hunting Guides For Both Experts And The Novice

This shot is very good due to its effect. By going by the chest cavity by one side of the shoulder blade to the other the deer’s nervous system will be instantly paralyzed. This happens because the spine is broke from the shot. This also causes the disability of the front legs. With the front legs disabled the deer will not be able to move and get away.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of a shot in the shoulder:

  • Advantage: Causes immobility thus the deer cannot run. This shot usually kills the deer very fast.
  • Disadvantage: A bow is not advised to be used in such case. However, the bullets of a rifle can damage the meat at the shoulder area which is also the most preferred part.

2. The Heart

The Heart
The Heart

The heart of the deer is a rather small aim as it is placed low at the chest cavity. If you manage to shoot right to the heart this would be the best place to shoot a deer. You will kill the deer right away.

Considering that the blood vessels are located in the heart, even if you do not fully hit the heart you will cause the deer to lose plenty of blood. If you are precise the deer will immediately drop dead but if you are not they can run away.

Here are the advantages and disadvantage of a shot in the heart:

  • Advantage: You will be hitting the blood vessels so even if you do not kill the deer you can use the blood to track it.
  • Disadvantage: It is very easy to miss because it is located in a small area low in the chest cavity and protected by the upper leg. You could just injure the deer a little and they can run away.

3. The Neck

The Neck
The Neck

A shot in the neck is usually very debatable among the hunters as it is considered a very unethical shot by some and the best place to shoot a deer by others. This happens due to the two different occurrences from shooting in the neck: it can be the most successful shot of yours or the most disastrous one.

If you have a good aim you will be able to stop the bloodstream to reach the brain. Without a blood supply, the brain of the deer will stop working. At the same time, the spinal cord will be cut and the deer also cannot move. This causes an immediate death.

Moreover, you will not be damaging important meat area and the deer will not feel pain due to the cut of the spinal cord. However, the neck is very small and the part that is mostly moved, thus it is very easy to miss. You can end up just with a slight wound and the deer can run away.

Also, you can end up with just paralyzing the deer and not stopping the blood to reach the brain. This requires for you to shoot it again or to cut the neck off, which might not be that pleasant.

Advantages and disadvantages of the neck shot:

  • Advantage: You can stop the blood to go to the brain and cause immediate death. You cut the spinal cord so the deer will not feel pain and also be immobile.
  • Disadvantage: You can easily miss. Thus, end up with a slight injury or just immobility which requires additional effort.

4. The Lungs

The Lungs
The Lungs

The lungs are usually the best place to shoot a deer because you can succeed with a bow. A bow actually is even better in this case because it causes the deer to stop breathing. This is probably the easiest and fastest way to kill a deer.

When the deer have it difficult to breath they cannot escape. Also, they will slowly die due to being short in a breath. The lungs are located in a rather large area which makes it a very easy target, especially if you are bow hunters. You will reach similar results to a heart shot. The lung shot is even easier due to the area.

Some advantages and disadvantages of shooting the lungs:

  • Advantage: It is the best place to shoot a deer if you are a bow hunter. The deer slowly stops breathing, cannot escape, and dies shortly.
  • Disadvantage: It is mainly effective with a bow. You can use a rifle but the massive bullet will go through and the deer will be injured but not die immediately. They can even escape. A light bullet will just cause a little wound.

5. The Brain

The Brain
The Brain

Due to the brain being the main and the most vital organ it is always the best place to shoot a deer or any other similar animal. A good shot in the brain will cause the life functions of the deer to stop.

You will also be using the most ethical shot. The deer will lose its consciousness right away and thus it will not feel any sort of pain. Moreover, you will also benefit because you will not be losing meat. If you are using a rifle or any firearm you can succeed by aiming for the head and cause immediate death.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of shooting the brain:

  • Advantage: The deer will not feel pain and will die immediately. You will not lose meat.
  • Disadvantage: Is advised for you to aim at the middle of the forehead and if the deer are not moving. This makes it unpredictable because it is hard for you to determine whether the deer will move or not.


To sum up, deer hunting is one of the most fun but also the hardest experiences for a hunter. This is because deer are fast and very sensitive animals. If you know the best place to shoot a deer the chances for you to kill one are higher.

We listed five of the Best place(s) to shoot a deer such as a shoulder, the heart, the neck, the lungs, and the brain. Depending on your and the deer’s position together with what you are using to hunt, a bow or a rifle, you just need to choose one of these places and shoot for instant success.

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