A Guide On Elk Hunting In Texas With A 100% Success Rate.

The large antlers of elks (Elk Hunting In Texas) give this dark brown coated animal that weighs well over 500-600pounds a majestic look. You must have heard that elks are one of the most challenging big games to hunt. You are probably wondering how to hunt this wild animal that has a characteristic tan patch on the rump around where the tail begins. How To Find A Deer With No Blood? Click here!

As a hunter, the mere sight of the entailing beauty of elks makes it a captivating and natural sight. Being able to hunt down one is trophy worthy. Do you want to go Elk Hunting In Texas but need to know how to go about it? Here is a practical guide on how to start Elk Hunting In Texas with a 100% success guaranteed.

  • You will need a hunter education.
  • Familiarise yourself with game license and regulation.
  • Purchase a license.
  • Get your equipment.
  • You need to be in the fit.
  • Find places to go Elk Hunting In Texas.
  • Master these elk call pro tips.
    • Bugle
    • Chirp
    • Mew
    • Bark
  • Set out in the afternoon and remain where the elks are after dark
  • Prepare your Set up.
  • Pay attention to the wind.

See this youtube video on ELK hunting La Gloria Texas

You Will Need A Hunter Education.

First of all, Were you born before September 2, 1971? Then you have to take a mandatory hunter education course before you start hunting. That is a requirement in the hunting law in the state of Texas. A person (17years or older) who have not complete a hunter education can defer completion for a year; this is as long as he is accompanied by one who has completed a hunter education.

Familiarize Yourself With Game Laws And Regulations.

After you get your hunter education and depending on where you get your hunter education, it is necessary to check elk hunting laws and regulations in Texas carefully so as not to be on the wrong side of the law. This is because some county in Texas may have their own game regulations.

Purchase A Licence.

To hunt legally in Texas, you can buy a hunting license online or through agents. I recommend the super combo. Licenses go for $25 for residents while nonresidents can get a hunting license for $315. Youths (ages 16 and younger) can purchase their license for $7 likewise seniors(age 65 and older) . Please check for additional permits and endorsement prices.

Get Your Equipment.

Besides your license, you’ll also need the following essentials: rifle, bullets, waterproof matches, scent free wipes, knives, rope, compass, elk tracker maps, water, food, knife sharpener, headlamp, batteries, hand warmer GPS unit, mini first aid kit, binoculars, cell phone. You can get good hunting equipment from goods sporting shops that specialize in hunting equipment and firearms. Clearly, learning to aim and shoot your target is very important. With this in mind, improve this skill before setting out.

You Will Need To Be Fit.

It is important you stay in shape. The long distance you may have to cover requires you to be fit when embarking on your elk hunt. Hunting for elks requires motivation because you will have to hike uphill and trod downhill with your heavy backpack. When you eventually hunt down an elk you will need to skin it, for this reason, you’ll need the stamina to carry that weight of meat if you’re alone.

Find Places To Go Elk Hunting In Texas.

Find Places To Go Elk Hunting In Texas.
Find Places To Go Elk Hunting In Texas.

Elks can be hunted all year round in Texas although the best time to hunt elk in Texas is during the rut in September. There are over 5,000 supervised and guided hunting grounds in Texas although it seems like public hunting grounds can save you some money. You can buy yourself a map and study the hunting grounds in Texas.

Master These Elk Call Pro-Tips

The elk call comes with experience, all you have to do is improve on it and keep the confidence up. Elks are extremely vocal animals, learning some basic elk calls will help you in deer hunting.

Bugle – you must have heard that elks make this sound in grade school. Spend time to practice this call because you can use this to call in elks to your set up.

Chirp – you can hear this sound when elks are around each other, I use this sound when I want elks to have an impression that a large group of elks is mingling. This tip can come in handy when you are trying to attract mature elks within the set-ups.

Mew – this is used by cow elk to locate their calf or other elks.

Barks – an elk call that is a must know for all elk hunters. This is because it signals other elks of an impending danger.

Set Out In The Afternoon And Remain Where The Elks Are After Dark.

I prefer to set out at midday and hunt after dark with Best Headlamp. This is because knowing areas where you can find elks and hunting in those areas during the day will gradually make the elks split.

Prepare Your Set-Ups.

It is important to note that elks have heightened the sense of sight, sense, and smell. It is advised you hunt with a friend if you’re just starting out as an elk hunter. I recommend you find flat spots within steep slopes; you can easily get overwhelmed when elk hunting in a big country like Texas. Set up in front of a tree; let your friend act as the caller and you the shooter or vice versa. Remember to conceal yourself behind a tree or thick bushes. Furthermore, Try not to break a twig. Aim at the elk when the elk’s vision is obstructed by a tree or its head is turned briefly.

Pay Attention To The Wind.

You now know that the wind can bring the slightest sound and smell to the elk’s attention. So, pay attention to the wind and if possible get a small wind detector in your backpack. I recommend setting up on the same level as the elk; this will decrease the chances of blowing your cover as the direction of the wind is mostly downhill or uphill.


I hope this practical guide on how to start Elk Hunting In Texas with a 100% success guaranteed was helpful? Remember to slow down during your hunting trip, covering miles searching for elks can be frustrating, ensure you know exactly where to go hunting. Your backpack should not lack the basic essentials needed for elk hunting. Keep practicing your elk calls and you’ll be going home sooner than you think with a 70-pound meat and that glorious antler to stick up your wall.

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