Hunting With A Boomerang: A Foolproof Guide

If you enjoy Hunting With A Boomerang, you may be familiar with the methods used for hunting using a boomerang. If you’d like to learn how to make boomerang hunting work for you, we have laid out steps to follow.

Why Boomerangs?

Why Boomerangs
Why Boomerangs?

Avid and experienced hunters have worked for centuries to find the best way to hunt game. What Is One Disadvantage of Hunting from an Elevated Stand?

Over the years, people have relied on a multitude of means for hunting, whether it was by gun or bow and arrow. However, there are alternatives that many prefer, such as boomerang hunting.

In the Australian Outback, many people believe boomerangs are superior to many other hunting instruments, because of their many capabilities. According to Wikipedia, the boomerang is a long wooden object, though boomerangs throughout history have also been made from bone. So you come to the conclusion that you want to hunt with a boomerang. It must be easy to learn, huh?

Not so fast. You must be willing to step outside your comfort zone when you hunt with boomerangs. Most people don’t understand just how much skill it takes to hunt using a boomerang. Used by only men in the old days, boomerangs were also used to immobilize and attract animals, such as birds.

What You Will Need to Hunt With a Boomerang

What You Will Need to Hunt With a Boomerang
What You Will Need to Hunt With a Boomerang?

According to experts, almost all primitive cultures invented a weapon that was much like the boomerang. Many of these instruments improved, to make them more effective in hunting over time. You can create your own boomerangs with a do it yourself technique. Here’s a list of what you will need:

  • A good piece of wood from a tree, which is at least three inches in diameter. This limb should have a natural curve that gives it the ability to soar through the air.
  • An axe
  • Wood without any knots
  • A tape measure for taking measurements of the piece of wood
  • A screwdriver for driving in screws

Make sure the limb doesn’t have any knots. Cut three feet of the wood. You can use the axe to curve the piece of wood. Also, be sure to make the ends of the boomerang rounded for optimal flight.

The Procedure – Hunting With A Boomerang

First Things First

The first step you must take when Hunting With A Boomerang is locating the animal you want to hit. It is important to be quick when you use a boomerang for hunting, so get a running start before throwing. Run a few feet before releasing the weapon to gain speed and allow for greater force. Be sure to hold the boomerang above your shoulder, and hold the concave edge of the instrument forward. Quickly throw the boomerang forward, making sure the flat side of the instrument is facing downward. The angle of your wrist movement will determine the path the boomerang takes. Make sure the angle of your wrist is adjusted correctly, and throw the boomerang in the exact direction you want.

If you throw a boomerang downward or just above the ground, it will soar to roughly 50 feet, perhaps more. You can also throw a boomerang, so you hit the ground with an end of the instrument. This causes the instrument to soar into the air very quickly and flies swiftly toward your intended target. The boomerang spins in several circles before falling to the ground in a multitude of spinning motions. The spinning pattern may resemble a figure eight.

Keeping Ample Distance

Distance yourself from the animal and take it down without putting yourself where the animal can see you. You need a good combination of space and speed to make sure you hit your target. To successfully hunt with a boomerang, scan the area where you hope to kill your prey. Make sure you have an open area to throw the boomerang for optimum reach and effectiveness. Throw the boomerang with the ends facing forward toward your prey. It flies in a pattern resembling that of a vertical helicopter propeller. The boomerang reaches the animal, and you don’t have to wait for it to complete several circles before striking prey.

If you throw the boomerang so it is parallel with the ground, the boomerang can travel greater distances. It will quickly glide over hills and can strike animals that may be miles away. You may have to walk a long distance to retrieve the boomerang. When you retrieve it, however, you will find the animal on the ground. You can purchase boomerangs that will travel more than 60 meters. These types of boomerangs allow you to reach animals that may be in the woods or in hidden places.

Position Your Body Properly

Make sure you position your body such that the weapon will circle in a pattern that reaches the animal. Some boomerangs are better suited to reach longer distances. The “Karlie,” for example, is a basic aboriginal boomerang that is used to travel long distances. When throwing a large boomerang like this one, you should move your right hand behind you. Release the boomerang with your left hand. This allows you to reach a farther distance. Don’t just throw the boomerang like a frisbee.

See this video on throwing and catching a boomerang to learn the basics

Throwing a boomerang

Apply Maximum Force

When you hunt with a boomerang, make sure you throw the weapon with all your strength. Make sure you have enough room to duck. A boomerang is potentially a lethal weapon to humans. In fact, an 800-year-old skeleton recently found in South Wales appears to indicate that it was killed by a boomerang. Boomerangs have been used to hunt kangaroo, rabbit, birds, and just about any animal of the air. They are also used to hunt bats, so they can be used at any time of the year. To be effective, you must be meticulous when throwing the weapon. You can’t just throw it in any direction.

When Hunting With A Boomerang, the instrument must be designed so it can strike an animal. It is also important to throw the boomerang at a rapid pace. This ensures an ample combination of speed and force.


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