Maine Moose Hunting Guides For Both Experts And The Novice

Have you ever hunted a moose before? Do you know that you need Maine Moose Hunting Guides if you want to successfully hunt a moose? Probably you have never hunted a moose before since it is illegal.

However, there is a rare moose hunting opportunity that is only available for those with moose lottery permits. However, if you are a newbie, don’t worry about being injured by a moose. Maine Moose Hunting Guides is what you need to improve chances of getting a moose. Moose hunt (Deer hunting) is usually a difficult activity for newbies since it requires courage and skills. Hunters spend most of the time stalking, calling and ambushing trophy bulls and cows. Moose tend to like wetland marshes, abandoned logging sites, and thick bushes which are inaccessible to vehicles. Read the following step by step Hunting guide and learn how to prepare and successfully hunt a moose.

What You Will Need To Follow This Tutorial

You need the following items to take important points from this Maine Moose Hunting Guides.

  • A notebook
  • A Pen

Step By Step Instructions On How To Hunt A Moose

Step 1: Moose Hunting License

Maine Moose Hunting Guides can’t be useful to you if you don’t have a hunting permit. This is because Moose hunting is illegal in North America since it is an endangered animal species. You should apply for a moose hunting license in the Maine Department of Inland and Fisheries wildlife. If moose hunting is one of your interests, you can submit an online application form or a paper application. However, you should ensure that you do so before the set deadline each year. Getting the license is not easy and only those whose application is successful can hunt a moose.

Step 2: Choosing The Right Season

Choosing The Right Season
Choosing The Right Season

The best moose hunting season is during the moose rut. During this season, both the moose bulls and cows respond to calls. Always hunt on a higher elevation during the early season since it is where you can find a moose. However, you will have to move deeper into the forest during the late season. You should also know that moose will move to wetlands and dense forest during hot days. Read more: A Guide On Elk Hunting In Texas With A 100% Success Rate.

Step 3: Survival Kit

In this Maine Moose Hunting Guides, we emphasize on having a good survival kit. Your kit should have all the basic items that can help you to survive in a remote area. The northern regions are extremely cold and you require cold weather clothing and waterproof boots. Hunters prefer Camouflage clothes and boots since they make it difficult for moose and other animals from seeing you. Your backpack should also have other items such as packed food, blankets, maps, first aid kit, and knives. In addition, you should consider purchasing an all-weather tent that has a rain fly and other camping gear.

Step 4: Choose The Right Gun And Bullets

The use of a Rifle in hunting is a sensitive topic in Maine Moose Hunting Guides. There are specific guns and bullets that a hunter can use to shoot wild game. You should get information about the type of guns that are legal to avoid breaking the law.

A gun is effective in hunting a moose but it is also a dangerous weapon. If you have never handled a gun before, you should get some training on how to fire a rifle. This is important since it ensures that you don’t miss your target and kill other wild animals. In addition, it also prevents a scenario where you hit a moose then it disappears with injuries.

Step 5: Get A Hunting Partner

When hunting a moose, always go with a friend or a family member. You can also go with a guide if you can’t get a friend. You are safer when you have a partner since you can get support when hunting. In addition, you can’t feel lonely in the jungle. Moreover, in case of an incident or accident, your partner can help and there might be no network coverage.

Step 6: Choosing The Right Hunting Zone

A hunting zone is critical when it comes to finding a moose to harvest. In some districts, there is a small population of moose and it is difficult to spot one. You should do your research and contact experts to get more information about the right area to hunt. In addition, you should note that moose like areas with water since they like feeding on pond weeds.

Step 7: Go Hunting

Go Hunting
Go Hunting

Once you have selected a hunting zone, pick your belongings and supplies and go hunting in a four-wheel vehicle. Some areas could be inaccessible using a vehicle and you will have to walk for a long distance. Ensure you have frequent rests and take a lot of water to hydrate. Use maps and a GPS to locate your position and move to the desired hunting areas.

Step 8: Set A Camp

Set a camp in a more secure area where there will be minimal or no attack from wild animals. Light a small fire at night since it will keep you warm and prevent wild animals from intruding. It is important to control the size of the fire to avoid burning the forest. In addition, you should extinguish the fire when you leave the camping site.

Step 9: Maine Moose Hunting Guides On Locating A Moose

Apart from knowing where you can easily find a moose, you still have to track it. You should watch for fresh signs such as droppings, tracks, rubs, wallows, and beds. Mark the sign on the map so that you can visit the location later and study their movements. In addition, you can also use the GPS to mark the sites.

Step 10: Maine Moose Hunting Guides On What To Shoot

In Maine, moose hunting permit is only for moose and it does not include other wild animals. In addition, the permit also specifies the sex and minimum height of moose to shoot. If it is for bulls, you should only shoot a bull. The hunting regulations are strict and you can find yourself in trouble if you don’t adhere to them.

Step 11: Moose Calling

Maine Moose Hunting Guides emphasize on the two main techniques that moose hunters use in their calling sessions. Moose calling and brush thrashing are effective in calling a moose, especially during moose rut. As a hunter, you should target prime moose habitats, food sources, and ponds. In addition, you should stay downwind to avoid detection since moose have a good sense of smell.

Furthermore, if you are hunting moose cows, you should know that they are sensitive to young ones. You can mimic a calf in distress to attract the cows since they will come to investigate.

Step 12: Hunting Safety

Maine Moose Hunting Guides also emphasize on hunting precautions. As a hunter, you should tell people where you are going to hunt and when you will return. This makes it easier for the rescue team to find you if you are in trouble. When hunting, you should always watch for warning signs of an angry moose. In addition, you should have an escape plan in case a moose becomes aggressive and charges towards you. But if it injures you, you should use your first aid kit immediately to prevent infection. However, if the wound is too deep, stop your hunting activities and call for a rescue helicopter. You should move to higher grounds if there is no cellphone network coverage.

Step 13: After The Shooting

If a moose tries to run, you can fire another bullet to disable it. You should approach the animal from the rear and check if it is alive before touching it. It is advisable to dress the animal right away to cool the meat. Furthermore, it prevents the meat from rotting faster and having gamey flavors.

Step 14: Maine Moose Hunting Guides On Transportation

Maine Moose Hunting Guides On Transportation
Maine Moose Hunting Guides On Transportation

You can reduce the weight of a moose by removing the gut before transportation. When carrying the meat, you should hang it high so that it can remain clean and dry. Furthermore, dragging meat in water is illegal since it contaminates the meat and makes it rot faster.

Step 15: Meat Processing

A Moose has a lot of meat and you can take it to the nearest wild game butcher. It is advisable to contact the butcher prior to hunting season to confirm if they can handle your meat. In addition, ensure that you carry your hunting license since it proves that you are not an illegal poacher.


Moose hunting is a difficult task that involves various skills. Only those who understand moose rut have a better chance of finding one. Always carry enough supplies and camping gear when hunting in remote areas. In addition, safety is an important factor to consider when hunting a moose. For example, if you have successfully shot a moose, always keep a safe distance if it is still alive. Since you’ve learned how to successfully hunt a moose, you can share this Maine Moose Hunting Guides with your friends.

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