What Is The Best Anchor Point For Drawing A Bow? How Can I Find It?

So you probably thought that using a bow was as easy as drawing the bowstring and releasing it, right? Never heard of the use of The Best Anchor Point For Drawing A Bow for precision. Shoot and just like that and your target would fall to your feet like in the movies, eh? Missing that shot when you thought were a prodigy in archery may be very discouraging. How To Have A Great Hunting Survival Kit?

When I first started archery, I kept hearing my coach say “find your anchor point!”. I did not really understand why. As long as I hit my target, what did I need anchor points for, right? The man was I wrong! There are many things and factors that determine a perfect shot. One of them is the anchor point. Your concern for wanting to know what that means, means you are on your way to becoming a great archer. Hunting guide!

So What Is The Anchor Point?

What Is The Anchor Point
So What Is The Anchor Point?

It is that part of your face that you draw the bowstring to when preparing to shoot. It may be the nose, end of the mouth, cheek center, jaw or even the ear. For some people, it may even go behind the ear.

It enables the shooter to obtain a precise shot through stabilizing their accuracy and consistency when shooting an arrow. It also helps the shooter avoid injuring oneself or those next to him. The anchor point enables the archer to make precise shots every time despite the prevailing conditions or circumstances.

What Is The Best Anchor Point For Drawing A Bow?

What Is The Best Anchor Point For Drawing A Bow
What Is The Best Anchor Point For Drawing A Bow?

There is really no perfect or the best anchor point when it comes to archery. The point will vary from archer to archer. Some will prefer the corner of the mouth, others the cheek center and others will prefer next to the ear. That must be relieving to hear, right? That the anchor point is unique for every archer.

How Can I Determine The Best Anchor Point For Drawing A Bow For Me?

Determination of the best anchor point is dependent on a number of things. This includes the facial bone structure, height of the person and size of the bow. It is important that you try out different anchor points so as to find which one works for you.

A professional archer may have more than one anchor point. With practice, your best anchor point becomes so obvious that you get into that position subconsciously. That is why a professional archer seems to shoot randomly. They are just all too familiar with their anchor point.

What Guidelines Should I Follow When Determining My Best Anchor Point?

What Guidelines Should I Follow When Determining My Best Anchor Point?

Get A Nice, Strong And Safe Bow.

Ensure you use a bow that is verified and will not snap and give you injuries. Also, read the instructions and precautions to ensure you are familiar with the do’s and don’ts. I would recommend the Best Hunting Compound Bow.

Go To A Place That There Are No People Or Animals That Might Get Hurt.

Determining your best anchor point may be a dangerous activity especially when trying different positions. Ensure your target is far away from things that may break, roads, people or animals.

It Is Best To Start Off With The Corner Of The Mouth.

Start with the corner of mouth then progressively move toward the ear, nose and other facial parts. If you have a well-defined jaw then your anchor point will lean towards your ear. If you happen to have big cheeks then your anchor point will be toward your nose. Those who have small faces will have their anchor points behind their ears.

Choose A Target That Is Between 20 To 30 Yards.

This is the ideal and recommended distance as is neither too near nor too far. This enables you to hit the target without that false sense of victory that arises from near targets. Also, an arrow is at the constant speed at this distance thus makes for a clean shot without deviation.

Monitor Yourself.

Have someone watch you ensure you use the exact same anchor point when taking shots. If you don’t have someone to watch you practice, get a video camera and set it to record your face. This is because even a deviation of a few centimeters can change your target point. You will, therefore, be unable to determine your correct anchor point.

Keep A Record.

Record how many shots on target you hit and how many you missed for each anchor point. That way you can see the one that yields the most precise shots. Also, the record will give you alternative anchor points if you happen to yield more than one.

Peep Sight Use.

When using a peep sight it is important that you do not move your neck when shooting. If you have to move your neck then try another anchor point. Your proper anchor point will allow you to view in your peep sight without tilting or moving your neck. Also, do not use too much force when using a peep sight. This may realize false target hits and even injuries.

Patience And Lots Of Practice.

It might take several tries using different anchor points to find which one works for you. Just keep trying and practicing until you find it. It will be both comfortable and one that gives you almost perfect if not perfect shots every time. Here is a video that will demonstrate:

Patience And Lots Of Practice.


In conclusion, the anchor point is that point on your face which the bowstring is drawn to before shooting. It enables the shooter to get the most accuracy and consistency in his shots. As said it is different for everyone. Determining your best anchor point takes time and practice. It may be necessary to use different anchor points to determine which one works best for you. Knowing this point, plus lots of practice is the sure way of becoming a great archer. So get at it, and you will become a professional in time.

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