What Is One Disadvantage of Hunting from an Elevated Stand?

Many hunters choose an elevated stand. They find a hiding spot, most often a tree where they climb, to have a more effective hunting. It is one of the most popular forms of hunting because it has particular advantages. Mainly it allows the hunter to see the prey and the prey not to see the hunter which is very helpful in a successful hunting. However, this position can be risky as well. The hunter will have to be up on a particular stand and not on the ground. If you are a hunter and want to know the risks of different hunting positions then this is the right place. This article will answer all of your questions on What is one disadvantage of hunting from an elevated stand.

What Is the Main Potential Risk of Hunting on an Elevated Stand

When talking about what is one disadvantage of hunting from an elevated stand it is important to mention the risk of falling. The main disadvantage is that you need to be very cautious and careful because you can fall.

The risk of falling

The elevated stand is usually a tree. Climbing trees might have been a piece of cake when you were a child but not now that you are an adult. You could fall while you are climbing up the tree. You could even fall when you are climbing down it. Because you could misplace your foot.

You could even fall when you fire the animal due to the strength of the rifle.

What Are Particular Injuries that Occur

If you fall from the elevated stand, so usually a tree, you will get injured. The injuries depend based on how high you were, where and how you fall. If you fall directly on the ground, especially if there are rocks, the injuries will be much more severe than when you fall on branches first.

So on what is one disadvantage of hunting from an elevated stand, the risk of falling, you might have different kinds of injuries. You could have bumps and/or bruises. You might also have broken bones.

If you fall very badly you might even have damages that last a lifetime. You could break your neck or spine and be left immobile. It is possible even to die. You could hit your head very badly while falling or when on the ground.

What to Do for This (What Is) One Disadvantage of Hunting from an Elevated Stand Not to Occur?

Basically, hunting from an elevated stand can be very dangerous. This is because you might fall and have only just little bruises or even die. Therefore, you should follow particular steps.

Follow particular steps

For example, enroll in a survival skills course. This could teach you how to survive in the wildlife. You will learn how to climb up and down the trees and not fall.

Also, it is a good idea to always take a rope with you when you go hunting. Tie it around your waist. Then on a very high branch in the tree, you are choosing as your elevated stand. The rope will hold you if you are falling and save you from severe injuries.

However, for this to work you need to first climb the tree well. So make sure you are very careful and cautious where to put your feet. Choose thick branches as they are stronger and could hold you. Choose a thick branch to stay on and to tie the rope as well. It is harder for them to break.

A very good position is if you are in the middle of branches. You could be supported on the front and on the back. It keeps you safer when you see the animal you are hunting. Especially when you fire.

You could even build your own stand on a tree. You can familiarize with it and use it every time you hunt.

Not Very Much Space for Improvising

One of the advantages that hunters believe they will have when they choose elevated stands is that they will have a larger sight range. However, this can easily be the answer to What is one disadvantage of hunting from an elevated stand.

Usually, a hunter will be 20 feet up on the tree, so off the ground. If you are on the ground it will be easier to see around. You can detect the movements of the prey easier than from being 20 feet up. When you are on a tree you will not know what to do first. It is a dilemma whether to firstly be careful from not falling by holding on the branches. Or to firstly hold the rifle properly to kill the prey and also not fall.

When you are on the ground this disadvantage does not occur. You will not fear for your life. You can hold the rifle properly and direct it towards the animal you are hunting. From an elevated stand, you could shoot the animal on the back and lose plenty of meat. You could shoot it on the head and probably just injure it a little. A possibility is that you can easily miss because of the uncomfortable position. It is easier to shoot the animal in the right spot from the ground.

You might have constructed a stand on a tree and always use it. That could be turned into a disadvantage too. Animals will eventually learn that you are hunting them from that tree and avoid the area. Moreover, you will be a problem for other hunters. They might think that you consider that your area and stay away. They can even hold grudges.


Many hunters use elevated stands to hunt. They either choose a tree where they climb or create their stands on trees. It is seen as an advantage because many claims that is easier to see a larger area. Thus, be more successful. However, elevated stands are very dangerous. You could fall and have major injuries. They could even lead to immobility or death. It is important for you to be very careful. Also, learn how to properly climb up and down the trees if you prefer elevated stands.

This article elaborated on what is one disadvantage of hunting from an elevated stand. If you are new at hunting, we advise you to consider what this article claims.

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