Wild Boar Hunting In Texas

Wild boar hunting can be so much fun, considering the hunting activity itself and the tasty meat you get to enjoy after the hunt. Limiting the expansion of these destructive beasts is something we can’t do without. Are you in for your very first Wild Boar Hunting In Texas? Get ready to follow my experience based lead.

There are necessarily important and normal questions worth asking yourself about Hog hunting. Questions whose answers are very insightful. How do you go about hunting wild boar? Besides curtailing a fast-growing number of big hogs, human beings also just want to feel like they are briefly experiencing the primal age. Hunting Wild boars in Texas is nostalgic and so much fun. If you have never done it before, then you are in for a great adventure in Texas.

History Of The Wild Boar

History Of The Wild Boar

Wild boars or feral hogs came to North America via Spanish explorers as far back as the 1500s, their spread in the land has been overwhelming especially to the detriment of farmers and the environment. Most states permit reducing boar population via hunting.

21st Century Wild Boar Hunting In Texas

Have you any external push that has given hunting a comfortable place in your imagination? As a kid, I read this book, “Lord of the Flies” and have since then glorified hunting. Hunting with a spear and a bow and arrow in the jungle is exciting though.

Why Do We Hunt It? Hunting In This New Millennium, What For?

Why Do We Hunt It

I always thought of rewarding myself with a bit of fresh meat I or we hunted and roasted in the wild. From what I had heard, Wild Boars hunting in Texas is ecstatic. Then I had learned that wild boars make the purest form of pork. The heroism of a trophy kill is a big deal to some people and should be experienced personally. Wild boars hunting in Texas fits that imagination.

Hunting is as old as the world but unlike in history, hunting in North America today is not for survival food.

Where in Texas would you hunt these beasts? Well, we are talking about a game hub in the states. Ranches are wild spread in Texas and are well conserved to render your hunt of wild boars a success.

How And Where Should You Start From, Hunting Wild Pig?

How And Where Should You Start From, Hunting Wild Pig
How And Where Should You Start From, Hunting Wild Pig?

It’s essential to know how and to do it right and well. You would be facing fast-moving, good-at-hiding and a predatory beast that sometimes weighs 300-400 lbs and looks quite scary. A quick look at what you need and how to hunt them.

Research On Hunting Wild Boars In Texas

Researching enables you to weigh your general ability to embark on this serious adventure. YouTube videos featuring documentaries or plain videos on hunting, skinning, and tutorials are your best research tools.

Also look for blogs that feature hog hunting and read about hunting wild boars to be specific. What about hunting tools? The ones you need and where to get them are in your local outdoor sporting goods store.

Go Through A Hunters Education Course

In the U.S, it is a requirement to complete a hunter’s education course before applying for your hunter’s license. Being a resident helps make the hunting license pretty cheap.

Considering your safety and that of others, this requirement is rightly mandatory. Every good hunter prioritizes safety. So as a beginner, you would have only to carry a weapon when that aspect is certain.

Hunting gear is generally not expensive and remembers that the exercise is nothing but a fulfilling adventure.

Get Equipped

Of course, not every weapon is a weapon of choice for you when hunting Wild boars in Texas. So don’t purchase the first kick-ass weapon you see or what friends have to fit in. Rather buy what you can use effectively (ask) for hunting boars as advised by experts.

A reputable outfitter will serve you well. Shop for it personally and get honest with the sales associate and take their recommendations seriously. Take notes, return home and research the efficiency of such weapons before returning after days to purchase knowledgeably.

Online purchases are not a great idea. I say this with experience. Bows online are a no-go zone. The following are items you should have:

  • Good Hunting boots for lengthy walks.
  • A good Hunting Knife and processing knives
  • A pair of binoculars.
  • Hat/Sunglasses
  • Backpack
  • Best Hunting GPS
  • Hunting Walkie Talkie
  • Canteens of water
  • Camera
  • Ice chest for meat
  • First Aid items
  • At least a 100 feet of rope if you need to pull a boar out of a canyon
  • Scent Blocker and more.

Approach the beast With Care

Hunting Wild Boars in Texas comes with its risks, and without care, you can be maimed by the beast. Getting too close is not something you need to do especially if the wild pig is alongside the piglets. A wild boar can easily knock a person to the ground, and probably anything can happen at that moment.

Maintaining a good distance would be great as well as following the guide’s instruction strictly. Ensure that you get an experienced hunter from whom you tap experience to accompany you around.

Practice a lot

Practice a lot
Practice a lot

Shooting a boar is a world apart from shooting still targets. A ranch in which you feel comfortable is the right place for you to practice before moving a distance further. Never forget safety and every other hunting course lessons you took.

Try different positions and angles until you arrive at a 99% chance of being able to kill your prey. Practicing on a 3D course to test my bow hunting skills is my thing. Hunting dangerous prey requires competence and little risk.

Note that telling your guide that you are a beginner is not something to hide or neglect. Tell them and get the necessary assistance step by step in the hunt.

Notably, hunting unlike before was passed down from parents to children. But hunting wild boars in Texas like hunting in general elsewhere is no longer hereditary.


Many more requirements on how wild boars hunting in Texas abound and Texas ranches are some of the best wildlife areas for anyone seeking to experience how to hunt wild boars.

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