Bird Hunting in Texas: Everything You Need to Know about

If you enjoy bird hunting in your leisure time or want to do something different this year why not go to Texas? You can head to the eastern forests, or to the central plains, or even the lower marshes of Texas and have an amazing experience. Before deciding to go Bird Hunting in Texas there are particular things you need to know such as needed licenses and different birds you are allowed to hunt.

Needed Licenses for Bird Hunting in Texas

You will need a hunting license if you decide to go Bird Hunting in Texas. You most probably will also want to engage in small hunting games so you are also required to have “Upland Game Bird Stamp endorsement”.

Needed Licenses for Bird Hunting in Texas
Needed Licenses for Bird Hunting in Texas

Moreover, you have to pay a license fee of $25 if you are a resident and special fee of $132 if you are not. These are the two main license fees because they differ based on age or days of hunting. For example, older residents of 65+ years or youngsters will only pay a license fee or $7, whereas those who are not residents pay a fee of $48 for five days of hunting.

Birds You Can Hunt

There are different bird breeds that you can hunt in Texas and there is a special hunting season for each one of them. Here are some of the birds you are allowed to hunt if you decide to go Bird Hunting in Texas:

1. Chachalaca

Chachalaca is one of the main birds that is hunted in Texas. It has gotten this name due to the sounds they make when they call. Differently, from other birds this breeds spends plenty of time on the branches of trees, roosting. This is the reason why many locals call this bird to breed the “Mexican tree pheasant”.


If you want to hunt for chachalacas in Texas you need to go from November fourth to the twenty-fifth of February. You can hunt up to five chachalacas per person per day. So if you decide to hunt for a week or even more, with the proper licenses of course, and if you are a decent bird hunter you can go home with plenty of chachalacas for you and your friends.

Also, these birds can be found in tall thickets and also scrublands. Moreover, they live from Nuevo Leon of Mexico to Texas’ Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas to Nuevo Leon.

2. American Woodcock

It is not well known exactly where the American woodcock bird breed lives in Texas. This is because these are migratory birds, meaning that they move depending on the climate. Thus they stay only during a short period of time in Texas.

American Woodcock
American Woodcock

So you can expect to account on plenty of American woodcocks if it has been a very bad and cold winter. If that was the case you can easily go in the eastern parts of the state and you will be sure to find these birds to hunt down.

Keep in mind that the hunting season for this Bird Hunting in Texas only lasts from 18th of December to the 31st of January. You can only hunt and carry with you three of these birds per day.

3. White-Winged and Mourning Doves

There are three main zones to hunt doves in Texas. You have the north, the south, and the central zones. The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department gives through explanation in such regard.

Mourning Doves
White-Winged and Mourning Doves

If you notice any doves that have leg bands while you are hunting, you should not shoot them, but you need to report the cases.

Nevertheless, each of the zones has a specific hunting season. You can hunt on the South Zone in two different seasons, from 22nd of September to the 8th or November. The second season is from 15th of December to the 21st of January.

The North Zone also has two hunting periods. The first one lasts from the 1st of September to the 12th of November. Whereas the second one, from 15th of December to the 31st.

You can hunt in the Central Zone from 1st of September to the 5th of November or during 15th of December to the 7th of January.

4. Quail


There are three main quail kinds that you can hunt in Texas. Gambel’s, scaled, and bobwhite. Here is where each of them lives:

  • Gambel’s quails live in the region of Trans-Pecos.
  • The scaled live in the so-called western third of Texas.
  • Bobwhite quails can usually be found anywhere in Texas.

Recently, the population has decreased, however, this is known among the quail breed of birds. Thus, there is no need for worry.

The season to go Bird Hunting in Texas for quails is from 28th of October to the 25th of February. You are allowed to carry fifteen in your bag per day.

Keep in mind that you need to pay an additional $27 license fee.

5. Wilson’s Snipe

Wilson’s Snipe is another bird you can hunt in Texas. This bird is a migratory one so it has hunting seasons spread throughout the fall and winter.

Wilson’s Snipe
Wilson’s Snipe

You can hunt this breed in three different seasons: from 9th to 24th of September; from 28th of October to 11th of February; and finally from 4th of November to 27th of December.

6. Ring-Necked Pheasant

Ring-Necked Pheasant
Ring-Necked Pheasant

This is another bird breed available for you to hunt in Texas. It is not a native bird, however, there are plenty of these birds that live in Panhandle Texas.

The season to hunt these birds lasts from 2nd to 31st of December.


Bird hunting can be a very exciting experience. If you want to have some time with your family in the wild, or get in touch with your roots, I would advise considering this as an option. No matter, if you are a regular hunter and you want to change the range or place of hunting, or whether you are new at this and want to try something new. We hope we helped you with plenty of information regarding Bird Hunting in Texas.

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