What Do You Call A Deer With No Eyes?

Yesterday my friend and I were talking at the party she asked me, do you know what do you call a deer with no eyes? I replied instantly, oh yes! It is so easy a blind deer to which she answered no idea! I started thinking hard and after a few minutes came up with the answer. I said yes! And I know it is called a deer with no vision. She again responded with a nodded head and said, uh-uh no idea. 4 Tutorials On How To Get Deer Come To You In Droves

She again repeated the question, do you know what do you call a deer with no eye? Upon which I aggravated and said, I don’t know, I have no idea! She exulted, yes! No ideer! (no idea)

So do you people have any idea what a deer with no eye is called since I have no idea and my friend still has NO IDEER! (no idea) I hope you people might have some idea and let others have it too and can enjoy yourself 😉

Why is our blood red? (The answer may surprise you)

Have you ever wonder and get yourself curious why is our blood red, why not green, blue or any other color, unlike some animals. It is because of the red blood cells (RBCs), not because that the God painted us red from the inside.

Our blood generally comprises of different liquid components called plasma, white blood cells (WBCs), red blood cells (RBCs) and platelets, although the color of our blood red is basically due to the presence of red blood cells (RBCs). Red blood cells (RBCs) are present in major quantity as compare to white blood cells (WBCs). Each of the red blood cells (RBCs) contains a pigment called hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin is an iron-rich protein when hemoglobin gets bind with oxygen the interaction between them gives our blood the red color, yes it’s not any red paint it’s actually hemoglobin giving us the red color blood. Similarly, animal-like crabs have a pigment called hemocyanin instead of hemoglobin which gives their blood blue color and lizards have a pigment known as biliverdin which gives them green color blood. So isn’t it surprising? How the creator has made us so colorful. Deer hunting!

Can dogs eat bananas?

Monkeys are not the only animal who can eat bananas, dogs can too eat bananas. Imagine a cute puppy grabbed a banana to munch on. It must be a sight with cuteness overload.

Bananas instantly boost your energy. They are a great source of potassium, fiber and vitamin B, bananas are rich in other nutrients and minerals too. It helps you to boost your immune system. Bananas are beneficial for your bones as they provide you calcium and prevent weakening of the bones.

Even banana peel has favorable uses for us, it can be used for treating skin problems like psoriasis and acne. Banana skin can also be used for whitening the teeth. So it does not come only with benefits for health but for skin and teeth as well.

As long as they are given in moderation, they are a good treat. Excess of anything can lead to sufferings and can be disastrous. So not only humans can eat bananas but dogs can eat a banana too.

When should you start shaving? 5 Cues that will tell you it’s time

Hair can be confusing at times. When it is over your head it is fine, but if it is on the other parts of the body, some people might shave it off as they could feel uncomfortable.

You might notice yourself when hitting to puberty your facial hair starts to appear, not only your facial hair, you’ll start seeing hair growing in places where you have never seen before, under your armpits, on your belly, around groin and chest.

When to start shaving your hair

Shaving hair is one of the milestones for many boys on the way to adolescence. Some boys can hardly wait to begin. There is no particular age to start shaving; the ages may vary from one to another.

The decision depends upon a number of different factors including how much amount of facial hair you have on your face. However, it’s better to talk to your elder brother or father when to start shaving and can have their guidance.

Visible hair growth

The first cue to look for shaving is if you have enough hair growth on your face which can be easily shaved off so it’s the right time to start shaving.

Safe razor handling

The second cue to look for shaving is when you can safely handle the razor and won’t give any cuts to yourself. To avoid any cuts and nicks first look upon your elder brother or father how do they shave and learn some tricks.

After shower

The right time to shave is after shower or bath because warm water in the shower helps you softened your hair and open pores which makes it easier to shave and as a result gives you a smooth skin. Make sure to apply the shaving foam or gel before shaving in order to prevent any irritation and to protect your skin. Aftershave pats your skin dry and applies a good hydrating moisturizer.

At night before bed, these will help refresh up both your body and mind by having opened the body pores

Before bed, night time is the right time to shave as you don’t have any pressure to go out for work; you have enough time to make a good cleaner and smoother looking shave for your next morning.

The actual right time these makes one not to have fear or expose his or her nakedness to the public or even housemates

The right time to shave in the actual can might be different for everyone. It is basically when you are ready to do when you feel like it is the time now to shave your facial hair or any other part of the body hair. Some people might like to have a beard and not feel like to shave, so it entirely depends upon you that which is the right time for you to shave!

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