When Do Coyotes Hunt? All Your Questions Answered

Have you seen coyotes around the place where you live and you were afraid because you did not know if it was their hunting season? Maybe you thought that you and/or your children were in danger? Or you just love coyotes or similar animals and want to know as much as possible about their hunting habits. No need to worry we will try to give as many information as possible on When Do Coyotes Hunt.

General Information on Coyotes

Coyotes are mammals part of the canid family. This is why they are very similar to dogs and many people have the tendency to confuse coyotes with Huskies. Coyotes are easily adaptable.

They do not have a specific habitat where they can live as they can survive both in the wild and in human-inhabited areas. They can hunt but they can also feed with human food. Moreover, they are very smart animals as they usually adapt their life in accordance to the human non-active hours.

Due to this, not many people have the chance to see coyotes very often. This leads to panic every time they see one. It is common to think that a coyote might attack them or is hunting for example. However, there is no need to panic. Keep reading to find out When Do Coyotes Hunt.

Opportunistic Mammal (When Do Coyotes Hunt?)

Firstly, it is important to know that coyotes are opportunistic mammals. This means that they take advantage of opportunities. So, if they see a chance of getting the food they will hunt for it.

Opportunistic Mammal (When Do Coyotes Hunt?)
Opportunistic Mammal (When Do Coyotes Hunt?)

This is the reason why many people see coyotes during the day and/or during the night. It can be confusing and of course, you will wonder When Do Coyotes Hunt. Basically, they hunt whenever they see a potential prey.

Their Usual Prey

Coyotes usually hunt small animals such as for example squirrels or rodent or even rabbits at times. It is common to see a coyote during the day because squirrels can mainly be found during the day.

However, if you have seen a coyote earlier that week during the day and then you see it at night while you are throwing your garbage out, you do not need to worry. As mentioned, it cannot be given an exact time When Do Coyotes Hunt.

If they sense food, for example, if you have a dog or a cat and you have put some dog/cat food outside for them, it is possible for coyotes to appear.

Coyotes are also fed by insects and they occasionally eat fruits or different barriers.

Their Hunting Way

Their Hunting Way
Their Hunting Way

Coyotes usually live in groups. However, they go hunting on their own. It can happen for them to go hunting in pairs but it is not very common.

You can often hear coyotes haul. They usually haul in groups. Do not be afraid and start asking When Do Coyotes Hunt. This is just their way of communicating and does not mean any harm for you, your children, or your pets.

Children and Pets’ Safety

Coyotes are not classified as a risk for human safety. They rarely attack people. This happens due to people attacking coyotes first, so coyotes reply by using self-defense. Another reason it might happen is when they are sick.

There are several stories, mainly in local newspapers, about coyotes attacking people. This happens because it is a very rare scenario. It is more common to be bitten by your own dog than by a coyote.

Another cause of coyotes biting can be if they are directly fed by humans. So if your children really like coyotes make sure that they leave food outside but do not approach the coyotes directly.

Coyotes are peaceful mammals, but they are wild animals nevertheless. They are not pets, thus they are not used to being fed.

Moreover, it is very rare for coyotes to hunt your pets as they hunt smaller preys. So they hunt squirrels very often. If you have a pet and you live in an area that has many squirrels you might see many coyotes. They are not around for your pets but for the squirrels.

This happens because of coyotes being opportunistic. The answer to When Do Coyotes Hunt is whenever they see the chance. This chance is when they see a potential prey that will not harm them, such a squirrel for example.

You might account for a “fight” between your pet and a coyote but mainly because the coyote will try to steal your pet’s food. Easier than hunting a squirrel is to get already made food.

If you have chickens, however, you might need to worry. Make sure to have a stronger fence and coop so that coyotes will not be able to enter.

Keeping a Coyote Away

Keeping a Coyote Away
Keeping a Coyote Away

If you are still afraid or annoyed of coyotes even if you know When Do Coyotes Hunt, there are certain things you can do:

You can use what in psychology is considered negative conditioning

  • This is when you associate one’s action with a negative consequence so they will stop doing it. It is used even with children when you punish them for bad behavior but mainly with animals.
  • You might have used it with your dog or cat. For example, every time your dog ate your shoes you might not have given lunch. You can do a similar thing to keep coyotes away.
  • Make noises that are rather loud or scary. This can be done by using your garbage bin or even bang pans together for example.

Call the animal control.

  • This might be an extreme. Is more advised to do so if you think that the coyote is sick and thus dangerous?
  • If a coyote is sick When Do Coyotes Hunt does not matter, as they can be dangerous. They might hurt or spread diseases.
  • So call the animal control and try to keep yourself and others away.

Put the garbage been away from your front yard

This is very helpful to keep coyotes away because they will not smell your leftovers and will not be at your yard every day or night.

Do not leave your pet’s food outside

This will for sure attract coyotes as they will not have to hunt to get their food.


To conclude with, many people get scared when they see coyotes and they start wondering When Do Coyotes Hunt. Despite that, there is no a specific time for coyotes to hunt, you do not need to worry.

Coyotes are no danger to children or pets, except if you are growing chickens for example, but they are just opportunistic hunters. This means they will appear if they see a chance of getting food.

They mainly hunt squirrels which are around during the day. That’s why you might see coyotes around. However, they can also eat human food or dog/cat food. So if you have some around you might see a coyote.

If you do not like them around use negative conditioning or call animal control.

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