How To Find The Best Hunting Compound Bow?

This writing will look at choosing the Best Hunting Compound Bow. The review looks more on important qualities to consider to arrive at your choice. What counts is how well compound bow fits the hunter!

Supposing it fails to fit, you tend to suffer seriously from lots of poor inaccurate shots. There are important questions that need to be answered on selecting.

Therefore, when looking to purchase the Best Hunting Compound Bow one should look at the following general specification. It advisable for a hunter to consider a thing like, their fits, depending on age, experience, taste or nature of the field

How to Choose the Best Compound Bow

1. Draw Length.

Importantly, having compound bow fitted to ones ideal draw length for comfortability. This tends to be crucial so that one can focus easily. Making easy to achieve very accurate hits while the arrow is released.

In case the draw length sets to be short then, one will have the difficulty of seeing accurately. Because the peep will be too far from the eye. Additionally, the shorter power strokes will cost you both speed and energy.

However, if the draw length is way too long then, hand release will not be firmly anchored against the cheek. This causes the bow arm to extend too much. This is an easy way to lose control of the situation. Costing your hits and the accuracy of your shots.

2. Draw Weight.

The ideal draw weight would be necessary to enable you to pull those strings in the most comfortable manner. It’s important to remember different conditions which we would hunt in the wild. Under extremely cold conditions, it is possible to lose your strength.

However, this reduces the controlled draw weight between 10 to 15 pounds less than what you are capable of a day. Be sure you note this fact and choose the right equipment. Allowing you meet needs during your hunting escapades.

3. Right or Left Hand.

Supposing you are right handed as most people are, you will want to choose a bow that suits you. Therefore, you are left handed, the bow must allow you to draw the string with your left hand. This is very simple.

But in some rare cases, people may have a dominant eye that differs from their dominant hand. This can create a problem when you intend to take up hunting.

Simply, cannot focus on the target this way. It might seem difficult at first but over time you will learn to adapt.

4. IBO speed.

Check the IBO speeds on all bows. Don’t let it make or break your bow selection. Definitely, let it have a say in which bow you buy.

Trying to find 300 FPS above. IBO means international bowhunters organization. Bow set at 30″ draw length, 70# pounds of draw weight, and with a 350-grain arrow.

However, a lot of bows do not go back to a 30″ draw length or up to 70# pounds; if this is the case, they tested it with the highest draw length and the highest draw weight that bow comes in.

5. Brace height.

Checking on the brace height. Its the distance from the top of the handle grip to string bow. Therefore, you want a high forgiveness bow, then choose a brace height above seven inches. or greater.

6. Axle to Axle.

Checking at your axle to axle. For tree-stand hunter, they require a low axle, below 32 inches. Hunter on the ground, perhaps a higher axle is better for you.

Smaller axle to axles is better under tree branches. However, it has downfalls like long ranges accuracy. Shooting a smaller axle bow. Then use the less accurate at long distances.

7. Let-off.

Final the let-off. The higher the number of let-off %, the better. 80% is really excellent picks for good hunters.

“Let off” simply means reaching a certain point in draw span. The much weight you’re taking off the pulling in order to get the assurance of sticking with the anchor point. Good, let off means, the comfortable holding of your bow at maximum draw length.

Below shows some of the Best Hunting Compound Bow to use.

5 Best Hunting Compound Bows.

RankHunting Compound BowPrice
1Speediest Compound Bow: The PSE Archeries Full ThrottleCHECK LATEST PRICE
2Best Youth Bow: The Bear Archery Cruzers Rth Compound Bow.CHECK LATEST PRICE
3Best Cheap Bow: The Iglow 55lb.CHECK LATEST PRICE
4The Mandarin Duck Nighthawk: Best Compact BowCHECK LATEST PRICE
5Best Left Hand Bow: The Diamonds Archery Edge Sb1CHECK LATEST PRICE

1. Speediest Compound Bow: The PSE Archeries Full Throttle.

 PSE Archery, Full Throttle Compound Bow, Black, Right Hand, 29
PSE Archery, Full Throttle Compound Bow, Black, Right Hand, 29″ Draw, 70# – Image Via Amazon

Actually, PSE Full Throttle is speediest shooting bow on the planet. It dazzles for up to 370 feet for each second with Full Throttle. This tends to appease most desires.

Full Throttle is a remarkable bow and satisfies the PSE notoriety. The Full Throttle utilizes the hybrid cam framework and preloaded appendages. The cams are produced using 6061 T6 aluminum so its super solid and will keep going forever.

It’s Features.

Full Throttle has a let off 70%. You can change the weight to 60, 50, 70, and 65 pounds. Its draw length can be balanced by half inch from 26.5 – 30 inches length. The bow isn’t just quick. However, it’s extraordinarily exact. Actually, one of the advantages to PSE Planar Flex riser. Giving it the bow 25% flexibility increment.

However, at 70 pounds you’re amplifying your speed at the cost of max weight. Since, you can set Full Throttle to lower weight and still have a critical speed advantage.

With this much speed there is some worry for string swaying. Fortunately, the included Backstop Lite string silencer decreases this in huge degree.

Who Should Use It?

While PSE Full Throttle is an exceptional bow it’s not for each hunter. The bow is for experienced hunters and isn’t suited for amateurs. With such a speed you need to reduce draw length or you are squandering the bow’s potential.


  • Has a speed 370 FPS
  • Its Prop height 5.25″
  • Has weight of 4.1 lbs
  • The draw weight 50-70lbs
  • Pivot to Axle: 33.25″
  • Has draw length 26.5″ to 30″

Advantages of Using The Bow:

  • Awesome appendages.
  • Adjustable draw weight as well as draw length.
  • Smooth draw cycle

The Cons:

  • Normal frill
  • Somewhat loud when using.

2. Best Youth Bow: The Bear Archery Cruzers Rth Compound Bow.

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 RTH Compound Bow - Kryptek Highlander - Right Hand
Bear Archery Cruzer G2 RTH Compound Bow – Kryptek Highlander – Right Hand – Image Via Amazon

The bow hunting is an extremely complex type of hunt.

With more youngsters, learning hunting sports at early ages. The individuals who don’t comprehend compound bow hunting have a problem. Since, they may see that offering training to youngsters is undesirable since, it includes a weapon.

Actually, hunting is good as it shows them more profound exercises. These exercises can help them through their life.

The Features.

It permits youngsters as youthful as 4 years of age to a grown-up age to shoot during hunting. Its flexible as the draw length can be changed from 12 inches to 30 inches. Also, it manage to attract weight from 15 – 70 lbs. These alterations should likewise be possible at home. Hence, making it good for youngsters.

Another incredible perspective is its 75 percent let-off that enables one to pull to full draw. Also, hold with little obstruction. Therefore, its ideal for hunting until the point when the base poundage for game hunting is met.


  • Its draw length 12″ to 30″
  • Has draw weight: 15 – 70 lbs
  • The Let-off 75%
  • Bow’s Weight 3.6lbs
  • Support Height of 6.5″

The Pros:

  • Good for hunters who lean toward a shorter bow.
  • Not costly to purchase.
  • A decent, and a lightweight bow.

The Cons:

  • Too short for most some hunters.
  • Not sufficiently quick for a few bowmen.

3. Best Cheap Bow: The Iglow 55lb.

iGlow 55 lb Black Archery Hunting Compound Bow 175 150 80 50 40 lbs Crossbow
iGlow 55 lb Black Archery Hunting Compound Bow 175 150 80 50 40 lbs Crossbow – Image Via Amazon

The Iglow 30-55lbs bow is a cheap high-quality bow. New hunters perhaps, hoping to jump into hunting world should ride with this. It’s reasonable with regards to joining costly leisure activities like, toxophilite.

IGlow 55 lb gives shooters a chance to attempt their hand and bows. Also, have that chance to get snared on hurling bolts down range.

The iGlow is picked because of its low cost. Still on the grounds that it’s a moderately simple bow for any shooter to get and do the shoot.

It Features.

The iGlow’s 55-pounds draw weight is proper for most shooters. Its only ground-breaking for doing some medium diversion hunts. However, It’s sufficiently light to be abstained by new shooters.

Still ground-breaking enough to bag a major buck. The bow dispatches a standard bolt around 206 feet for each second. The compound bow itself is very light, weighing just 4 pounds. It’s produced using fiberglass. It’s anything but easy to carry or hold for some time.

Its draw weight is flexible from 40 – 55 pounds. The draw length can be adjusted easily from 27 inches to 29 inches.


IGlow is an extremely essential compound bow. It does exclude a huge amount of extravagant highlights. Rather it centers around being splendid in the essentials.

However, its successful, precise and simple to shoot. Mostly, appropriate utilizing conventional like, aluminum, fiberglass, or carbon with this bow. The bow is accessible to anyone else at incredible cost.


  • Has a speed of 310 feet per sec.
  • It’s weight of 4.4 lbs.
  • Support a height of 7.5″
  • The draw weight ranges from 40 – 70 lbs.
  • Axle to Axle of 31.5″
  • Adjustable Draw Length: 25-31.

The Pros.

  • Its considerable rundown of valuable highlights. It accompanies a very much cleaned and pleasantly bent plan. This influences its clients to feel surer when shooting bolts.
  • The bow includes the general length of 41.5″. This isn’t too short or not very yearn for the tallness of normal bowman.
  • Likewise, composed with a 70% let off and weight of 4 lbs. This is moderately light enabling its clients to utilize it for longer hours without getting drained.
  • It has a customizable draw weight of 40 to 55 lbs.

The Cons.

  • The bow doesn’t have additional adjusting features.

4. Best Compact Bow: The Mandarin Duck Nighthawk.

Mandarin Duck Nighthawk 50# Triangle Compound Bow - Right & Left Hand Hunting
Mandarin Duck Nighthawk 50# Triangle Compound Bow – Right & Left Hand Hunting – Image Via Amazon

The Mandarin Duck Nighthawk is actually, the most peculiar looking bow ever seen. Yet, it gives clients a lightweight, and conservative alternative. It’s strikingly little. Additionally, very intense. It has 24 inches in length and it weighs 4.4 pounds. However, its equipped for propelling a bolt at 270 FPS. This Duck is so fascinating since its perfect with both right or left-hand hunters.


  • Other than its little size and lightweight. Mandarin Duck is good with a 5 stick to locate, a bolt rest and brings down quiver.
  • Have draw weight is 50 pounds and its length 27 inches.
  • It’s surprisingly precise and packs a decent punch for such a little bow. Also, anything but difficult to lash over your back and hit the field with. The included gun style hold helps and makes drawing the bow straightforward for general hunters.
  • It’s awesome for mobility, makes it easy to hunt easily in a thick bush.

The Pros:

  • The bow is solid and highly dependable.
  • There are no(lesser) vibrations amid bolt discharge.
  • The Bolt keeps up a straight line when discharged.
  • Lightweight bow.

The Cons:

  • Not good for left handed.
  • Somewhat costly.

5. Best Left Hand Bow: The Diamonds Archery Edge Sb1

 Diamond Archery 2016 Edge Sb-1 Bow Package Black Rh 15-30 7-70 Lbs by Diamond Archery
Diamond Archery 2016 Edge Sb-1 Bow Package Black Rh 15-30 7-70 Lbs by Diamond Archery- Image Via Amazon

Diamonds Edge SB-1 is bow developed from the beginning for left-hand hunters. Also, has a right-hand variation too. It’s a genuine Southpaw bow. The bow boosts for, comfort, high precision, and usability by with ease everyone.

Actually, Diamond Archery is one of the best for hunting.


  • It’s a total framework, a stabilizer, a quiver as well as bolt rest. All you require is your picked bolts.
  • The Bow is anything but difficult to design for most clients and weighs 3.6 pounds.
  • It dispatches bolts at 318 fps. However, it has a customizable weight from 7 – 70 pounds. Also, having a draw length movable from 15 – 30 inches.
  • Actually, this is one of the most elevated qualities and most moderate alternatives. Since it offers for the left-hand hunters out there.

The Pros:

  • Extremely moderate for the quality
  • Extraordinary adaptability ie, movable draw length, draw weight too.
  • Binary cam conquers timing issues

The Cons:

  • The sight may be the main bit of gear you might need to change.


In summary, choosing the right bow requires thorough scrutiny. Therefore, the above features and products make choosing the Best Hunting Compound Bow easy. The buyer should take time looking at the above specifications so as to give good results.

A good hunter chooses the best fitting bow for him/ herself. For beginners its good to start with the right model due to, the simplicity of usage. Following these guidelines when choosing the right compound hunting bow and brings joy during hunting exercise. Hunting is a great outdoor.

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