Best Time Of Day To Hunt Deer

If you are like me, whose goal is to not miss any opportunities’ when hunting deer, here is the tip. You need to value each part of your day. When you are hunting; you want to make the best out of your leisure time. This can be made possible only when you are aware of the certain times which can provide you with success. What Is The Best Time Of Day To Hunt Deer?

Today, definitely the song written by Micky Jagger, “time is on my side” seems a bit irrelevant as far as hunting down deer is concerned. You might have failed a lot while deer hunting. There is nothing to worry though, it is quite common. But what concerns me is that most of these failures are caused due to bad, very bad timings. It brings the utmost concern to me when hunters waste there precious time on nothing. So here are few tips and advice on how not to waste time.

What Is The Best Time Of Day To Hunt Deer?

What is the best time of day to hunt deer?
What Is The Best Time Of Day To Hunt Deer?

We all know that deer are most active at dawn and dusk. The researchers have concluded that they appear specifically at twilight though it is been able to be proved only in the beginning of the season. Yet nothing can be said with a guarantee as various hunters have seen deer in the odd periods of the day. Deer move according to the moon and they have the very influence of it hence on some days they are the way to act than the other day. If you want to precisely predict when the deer are most active you need to study the moon, its phases and weather they are underfoot or overhead.

When the moon is directly overhead or underfoot, that is the best time to hunt your deer. Amount of the clouds in the sky also plays a vital part to determine if you will be having a lucky day or not. To go on the hunt on a rainy day or in monsoons isn’t a good idea.

The Atmosphere Of The Place Where You Are Hunting

If you are going for the hunt where the crowd is in abundance; you can do two things. Firstly avoid the public. You can do this by going for the hunt on weekdays that is from Monday to Friday. Avoid weekends as you might feel a lot of pressure from the surroundings. You can go on weekends when most of the other hunters are returning. Best time of day to hunt deer is in late mornings or in afternoons. Make sure to keep your voice low as much as possible, preferably don’t talk. Make sure you are in a thick cover in the early mornings or afternoons.

Phases Of The Moon

In one of the research carried out by North Carolina State University, they showed some new studies as to how moon phases influence the deer and their movements. It was clearly seen that the deer which they used for the study, moved at twilight in all phases of the moon which covers the months of October to December. The findings suggested that on the full moon the deer used to move into the early mornings for more time than the usual. Movements in the mid mornings and late afternoons were the highest.

Mid- Day Period

The time of mid-day is almost mystical. Mid-days are the best time of day to hunt deer as they come out searching for the water. You can create potholes and hunt them down. It is always a good idea to let go of the morning and go for mid-day hunting. Cold weathers can also play an important role as deer come out during winters more than usual in search of food resources. Deer also tend to be around bedding areas as winters come closer as they focus to save the energy. Here it becomes important to understand the topography. If your stands are within 300 yards of the bedding area, you need to be here before daylight.

According To Doctor Sheppard

A cold day is the perfect and the idlest day of hunting when the sky is clear and wind velocity is high. It is the Best time of day to hunt deer. It is suggested to take a close shot if the arrow is used so that blowing wind won’t affect the direction of the arrow where it is set to go.

According to Dr. Sheppard, the deer need food in abundance when the weather is cold. They also like to walk around as it would generate warmth in their bodies. Basically, they are active during winters. Windy days enable deer to hear sounds in the woods. On a day with plenty of sunshine, it becomes easy for them to see hunters coming towards them, as compared to cloudy days. Yet it is recommended to go for a hunt when the sky is clear as in monsoons deer themselves would be in search of shelters.

Make Hunting Easy

Make Hunting Easy

You cannot forget to use some of the basic clothing in order to come back home with a deer in your trunk.You must use a camouflage mask and gloves in order to increase your success rates. And, You need these as only your head and hand remains uncovered while you are hunting.

Deer might notice you if you wear such clothes. Avoid bright colors is the main pro tip. If you are wearing any such clothes you can just wear a professional zip vest. You can also use topographic maps to explore the unexplored areas by other various hunters. It will save your time and tell you if a certain land is worth a look. Avoid slamming the door of your car. Sound carries itself a lot louder when everything is quiet especially in the woods. Slamming the doors can make deer aware of something unnatural. They have been surviving hunters for years; they are just as smart as you are.


Now that we are through with time management and all the techniques to hunt down a deer, you can pack your lunch and go on a mid-day which is the best time of day to hunt deer when the moon if over-head. Make sure you have that perfect and precise atmosphere for yourself. Build your pot-hole trap and also make your stand near the bedding areas if winters are what you prefer. Do not hesitate to ask questions in the below comment section. So go ahead! Hunt That Deer Down!

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